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Last updated: May 25, 2018

Want To Win A Barber Battle? Read This

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Read This If You Want To Win A Barber Battle

Are you a good barber? Prove it by going blade-to-blade in Wahl Professional’s online Barber Battle and you could win a one-year membership on the Wahl Education and Artistic Team and the entire Wahl 5-Star line! Not sure where to get started? Here’s some advice from last year’s top three winners plus their winning video submissions for inspiration. Then, keep scrolling for Barber Battle details before this year’s contest launches June 1!


Grand Prize Winner: Benny Machado (@mr_executive_barber)

Instagram via @mr_executive_barber


  • Submission inspiration: “I made sure I chose the correct models based upon Wahl’s recommendations. Secondly, I credit the help of my friend and editor of the submitted video, Edward Arias (@blackshoesfilms).”


  • Advice for future entrants: “Never underestimate yourself. Seize every opportunity that is presented to you!”


Watch Benny’s Winning Video Submission Below!


Second Place: Andrew Rosario (@andyfademaster)

Instagram via @andyfademaster


  • Submission inspiration: “I pushed it to the limit. I was editing my video up until a couple of hours before the deadline.”


  • Advice to future entrants: “Battling isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about showcasing your ability. In our industry, there are so may components that can change—your haircutting capabilities, hair texture, everything that goes into cutting. It’s really about letting people know what you bring to the table.”


Watch Andrew’s Winning Video Submission Below!


Third Place: Jose Montejano (@cant_be_faded)

Instagram via @cant_be_faded


  • Submission inspiration: “My preparation consisted of trying to find the best models I could. My inspiration came from looking at other videos and pictures of hairstyles I thought would look best.”


  • Advice to future entrants: “My advice would be is find good models and don’t hold back!”


Watch Jose’s Winning Video Submission Below!


Want to compete in this year’s Barber Battle? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Entrants have from June 1 to June 29, 2018, to submit their videos.
  • Video submissions must be between 15 to 18 minutes long.
  • Before entering the Barber Battle, entrants must submit to be a Wahl Ambassador which can be done here!
  • There is an entry fee of $75.
  • Entrants must complete three cuts in their video submission: a classic bald fade, a creative cut and their choice between a pompadour or a textured crop.
  • Once the competition launches June 1, entrants can head to to submit their video entries.


Click here for more contest details, this year’s prizes and some valuable advice before entering!


Watch the video below for a sneak peek at this year’s Barber Battle!