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Last updated: April 30, 2019

Want More Insta Likes? These Four Balayage Trends Will Get You There

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Photo via @aaashleee

Balayage isn’t going anywhere in 2018, but traditional, super-blended color won’t be as on trend as it has been. Instead, BTC Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable predicts dimensional balayage, dimensional brunette, ribbons and face-framing color will take Instagram’s top balayage spots.


Here’s what Mary shared with more than 2,000 hairdressers at Matrix Destination 2018—the photos, the tips and the reasons why balayage is shifting gears. Check it out!




  • What to know: At the beginning of last year, seamless balayage was huge, but closer to 2018, we saw dimensional balayage really take off.
  • Here’s why: It’s balayage, evolved. It’s new and different from that super seamless look, and right now, it’s what clients really want.




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Dimensional Brunette

  • What to know: Dimensional brunette is consistently getting massive likes on BTC’s Instagram, but we’re seeing that this trend demands both an amazing color and an amazing photo.
  • What to try: Capture the entire head of hair from the back, and always show those lighter face-framing pieces to increase your likes.
  • Here’s why: People are used to seeing super dimensional blondes from the front, so taking the photo from the back and showing off a dimensional brunette color is new, exciting to the eye and it’s having a major moment.


Photo via @aaashleee






  • What to know: Ribbons are a new take on dimensional balayage and people are LOVING them.
  • Remember this: Thin, fine strands or “ribbons” instantly add a cool factor and can make the picture really pretty. 




Face-Framing Color

  • What to know: Brazil and Turkey are having a huge impact on the U.S. market in balayage.
  • Here’s why: “All of their women are brunette but they want to go blonde,” says Mary. “So, when you consistently have that kind of client across the board, you know that you’re going to have strong colorists emerging for that market.”
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