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Last updated: November 02, 2018

Video: Adding Dimension When Balayage Is Too Blonde

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What do you do when a balayage client who typically rocks a lot of dimension suddenly becomes too blonde all over? (It happens!) We caught this trick—using lowlights, backcomb balayage and conditioner as a blending agent—from @jamiedanahairstylist for adding bright, bold dimension back into hair strands. Watch the video below with the SOUND ON for all the details, then get the steps below!



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Adding Dimension When Balayage Is Too Blonde

Here’s what Jamie did and why it works: 


Step 1: Lowlight

  • Create a section and split in two. Weave out the top section and clip away, then weave out the bottom section and lowlight the hair with Goldwell Colorance 7N + 7G + Cover Plus Developer Lotion.

    • To create the most dimension, lowlight every section.

    • Work with 1-inch sections before splitting the hair in two. 


Step 2: Tease & Condition

  • Tease the top section that was first weaved out, and apply Goldwell Dualsenses Color Conditioner from the midlengths up toward the root to act as a blending agent.

    • To avoid unintentional warmth or spots in the color, use a lightweight conditioner. 


Step 3: Balayage & Tone

  • Balayage from mids to ends using a 30-volume developer on darker strands and 10-volume developer on lighter pieces.

  • Let process, then tone globally with your favorite formula.


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