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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Trouble With Color Fading? Here’s Why!

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Do your guests have trouble keeping their color from fading? We grabbed a few tips from our #btcgirl and balayage expert @prettylittleombre for her take on this issue!



1. Don’t Use Hairspray Right Away

  • If clients are using hairspray on a fresh hue they might notice their color start to fade.
  • Here’s why: Products like hairspray are loaded with alcohol which opens the cuticle and can strip color quickly.
  • Tell clients to stay away from alcohol-heavy products immediately following a color service.


2. Wait To Wash

  • Jamie always has her guests wait 48 hours to wash their hair after receiving a color service.
  • Here’s why: Within that amount of time, oxidation happens and the color pigments secure to the hair strands.
  • If clients wash too quickly after a service, it can disrupt the process and cause fading.


3. Use Quality Products

  • According to Jamie, shampoo can either save or kill a client’s color (and your hard work).
  • Here’s why: Ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are foaming agents that can strip color
  • Tell your clients to stay away from shampoos with those ingredients, and use this as an opportunity to retail a color-safe shampoo.