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September 25, 2018

The NYC Barber Shop Museum: Read The History & Look Inside

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A sun sterilizer and towel steamer from the early 1900s.

History Junkies! Check Out The NYC Barber Shop Museum
Nostalgia, hair history galore and a fresh cut?! Whether you’re a barber fanatic or just want to try one of those only-in-New-York cultural experiences—the NYC Barber Shop Museum (@nycbarbermuseum) offers a shop filled with antique pieces that tell the story of barbering in America, plus they offer modern men’s grooming services! BTC went on an exclusive tour with Museum Founder and CEO of Reamir Barbershops, Arthur Rubinoff and Curator/General Manager Rasheed Hart. Here’s what we saw.



The Story

Arthur is a fourth-generation, Master Barber who carries on the legacy of his father, grandfather and great grandfather. His father Rubin opened a four-shop chain in New York and after his death, passed on the business to his son. Left with his father’s legacy and some of his barbering relics, Arthur’s intrinsic motivation to honor Rubin’s life called him to curate a space in tribute to his family and the industry.


This intimate space is nestled on a busy street in Manhattan and draws in any passerby with a variety of antique poles and old-school barber decorations in the windows. While Arthur already owns a full product line and a chain of barbershops, the museum also works as an operating shop that offers modern men’s services in the ultimate historical setting.


The Museum

For the past 15 years, Arthur has been building a collection of antique equipment—dryers, clippers, chairs, etc.—to capture the history of the barbering industry in America. The museum opened to the public in June 2018. Check out an inside look below. 


Click Through & Look Around The NYC Barber Shop Museum

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