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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Slow At Balayage? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong & How To Fix It

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Be real, does it take you forever to complete a balayage application? If you had to think about it, chances are you’re moving too slowly—and it’s almost 2018, which means there’s no time to be slow. Here are three things that @prettylittleombre (the balayage queen) says could be the problem and how to fix them.



Your Stroke Pattern Is Off

Know this: 

  • If you’re using small painting stokes, you’ll work slower.


Do this: 

  • Open up your application strokes to allow for an instant blur and faster application time.


Your Tools/Products Aren’t Right

Know This:

  • There are different tools/products suited for different hair types and different end results.
  • How you use them and when you use them can make you faster or slower behind the chair.
  • @prettylittleombre says that a lot of young stylists, or stylists new to balayage, use tools/products like they’re a one-size-fits-all, which is never really the case. 


Do this:

  • Use balayage lightener for hair painting techniques and when you need something that stays put without dripping.
  • Use foil lightener for a fast path to maximum brightness—but don’t use this product when painting freehand because it can get gritty, dried-out and lead to splotches.
  • Use cream-based lighteners to achieve higher (up to seven!) levels of lift.
  • Use clay-based lighteners for three to five levels of lift.
  • Try using a 2-inch chip brush—NOT a traditional color brush. Why? “It’s natural bristles on natural hair,” she says. “It blurs a thousand times easier.” Get more info on the chip brush.
  • Use the body of the brush—it helps speed up your application and avoid splotches!


Your Body Position Is Off

Know this: 

  • Where you stand while working makes a difference!


Do this: 

  • Pivot your stance off to the side of your client while painting. This will help you open up your painting strokes and you’ll finish the service faster.


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