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Last updated: September 21, 2018

Salon Owners: Are You Using These 3 Steps To Build A Powerful Brand?

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Building A Brand: Use These Touch Points, Content & Conversation Tips
“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room,” shares Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO. Yes, Amazon’s biz model basically runs the world, but how can you translate this branding advice into the intimate setting and more personal client-stylist relationships of a salon?


Here’s a good place to start—scroll for three keys to cultivating a clear and engaging brand through touch points, content and conversation from Lexi Design Owner Alexis Ufland (@lexidesignspas) at the 2018 MINDBODY BOLD Conference.



1. Branding 101 Checklist: Use This Touch Point Diagram

What’s a brand touch point? “Anything the client comes in contact with that affects their experience and helps them formulate their opinions,” shares Alexis. Screenshot the diagram below and use it as a checklist to identify what areas of branding you are confident with, and what areas need additional support.


Feel good about everything? Ask a trusted friend or employee to look over the list and get other opinions. Then, take action! Identify what areas need refining, and seek resources (like’s business and social media articles!) to master these touch points.


Screenshot The Diagram Below!

MindBody Bold Conference


2. Create Conversation With Content

“Your website should feel more like an Instagram account than pages of corporate jargon,” warns Alexis. “Build your ‘know, like, trust’ factor BEFORE they meet you in person.” Here’s how you can use content to converse and connect with both potential and current clients:


  • Know & Understand Your Clients: Billion-dollar corporations pay major dollars to advertisers in hopes of connecting with customers on a more intimate level. In a smaller, salon settingyou already have that connection! So work on building a deeper emotional connection that will inspire loyalty and define the brand.
  • Use Photography & Videography: Include images and videos of your team and stylists on the website and social channels to advertise them as part of the salon culture. This will give potential clients an immediate connection and the vibes of the brand. The goal with photography and video is this: When clients come in and say, “I feel like I already know you.”
  • Post & Promote Authenticity – Customers want you for a reason, YOU. Establish a voice and tone and use that language in all advertisinglogos, social media, website, business cardsand be consistent.


3. Does Your Brand Care Out Loud?

After years of working with many beauty companies, Alexis notices that all powerful brands have this in common: They actively care about their clients, craft, staff and community. And they do a great job of expressing that care! Whether its commenting on client social media posts, singing up stylists for continued education or doing charity work as a salonyou should be constantly thinking about how you can show that your brand cares more than just selling services.


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