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Last updated: October 19, 2017

Myth Busters: Sola Studio Owner Busts 5 Salon Ownership Myths

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Thanks to boutique studio concepts like Sola Salon Studios, more stylists than ever are chasing their dreams and forging ahead on their own terms—and they’re reaping the benefits of flexibility and creative freedom. With freedom though, comes risk, and you’re right to wonder about money, isolation and everything in between. But, if you know deep down that you’re destined to be your own boss, read on as Kim Bennett Horvath—the first-ever Sola Salon Studio owner—busts the most common misconceptions and myths associated with sole proprietorship.


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Myth 1: As a small business owner, I’ll struggle to have access to ongoing education.
In this competitive industry, continuing education is one heck of a tool for distinguishing yourself. According to Kimi, Sola values education so much that it provides three essential platforms for enrichment: Sola Sessions, the Sola Pro app, and an array of local offerings too. Sola Sessions are recurring, national events exclusively designed for the Sola community; at energetic, daylong events, Sola stylists gather, celebrate and, most importantly, fine-tune their craft. Back home, the Sola Pro app gives professionals access to educational videos, schooling users in an array of topics ranging from branding and marketing to artistic elements. These national offerings are supplemented by a robust lineup of local classes ideal for stylists who learn best in an intimate, small-group setting.



Myth 2: Without the buzz of a big salon, I’ll feel isolated and secluded.
We get it: you’re worried that if you go out to start your business alone you’ll be, well, alone! If fear of isolation is keeping you from pursuing your dreams, consider Kimi’s experience. “I’ve been surprised by how much community I’ve found at my Sola location,” Kimi says. Sola, she explains, gives stylists the best of both worlds. “You can always open your door, so your Sola neighbors can visit. Then—when you need that private time with your client—you can shut your door,” Kimi explains. She discovered that independence ultimately elevated her career. “I didn’t realize how easily I was distracted before,” she says, offering, “I really get to a deeper level of listening and working on my consultations now, and I’ve became a better hairdresser because of it.”


Paul Mitchell’s Mary Cuomo and Robert Cromeans hanging with Sola’s Kimi (who is also a Paul Mitchell educator by the way!) and BTC’s Katie Gould.



Myth 3: I’d love to open a salon, but I can’t afford the steep startup cost.
If you’re worried about the expenses associated with owning a small business, Kimi’s here to let you in on a little secret: It’s not as costly—or complicated—as you think! Startup costs are mitigated with perks; as Kimi puts it, “Sola provides a lot for its stylists.” Beyond custom amenities—lighting, cabinets and a fresh coat of paint—Sola equips its stylists with a comprehensive start-up manual with necessary forms and the information needed for obtaining salon and sales tax licenses, filing a trade name registration and more. Building managers are on-hand, too, ready to answer questions about everything from registering an LLC to setting prices for services. Talk about bang for your buck. “My favorite thing is that Sola takes all of the hassle out of my day-to-day operations, leaving me time to focus on growing my business,” says Kimi.


Myth 4: Sola’s a national corporation…it’s just too corporate for me!
From day one, what attracted Kimi to Sola was the heart of the company. “This company is truly interested in establishing tools and systems to support the growth of small business owners,” Kimi says. She’s always telling stylists about her first encounter with Sola founders Matt Briger and Stratton Smith. The trio met casually in a coffee shop; from the get-go, Matt and Stratton were focused on “giving beauty professionals the opportunity to chase their dream,” as Kimi puts it. “They’ve never lost that message, that integrity, that soul,” she says. And, Kimi can’t help but point out that Sola’s corporate culture is rooted in fun. “After all of their educational events, there’s always a cocktail party where stylists can celebrate and socialize,” she says. If that’s not heart and soul…we don’t know what is!



5. As much as I’d like to be my own boss, I’m too disorganized to thrive as an entrepreneur.
Stylists today have a lot to keep up with! There are clients, of course, along with back-end business tasks and social media. Countless demands can leave anyone feeling a little scattered brained. Kimi admits that she didn’t know what kind of salon owner she would be. “I just jumped,” she says. Luckily, Sola was there, with a comprehensive start-up manual designed to help small business owners like Kimi get organized. And, she adds, “The Sola Pro app took everything to the next level. With support videos on creating your salon culture, retailing and promotions, and even bookkeeping tips, Sola,” she continues, “is behind you one hundred percent!”


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