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Last updated: July 01, 2019

Most Embarrassing Stylist Moments EVER

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When we asked your advice about what to do if you fart in front of your client, you all had HILARIOUS responses…and even shared more of your most mortifying moments! Keep scrolling to see some of your fellow hairdressers’ most embarrassing moments in the salon and get ready to have a good LOL sesh. P.S.—names have been deleted to protect reputations! 😉 And remember…SH*T HAPPENS! Roll with it and have a laugh!


“I was trimming a client’s toe nails and one popped off, wrapped around my lip, and went into my mouth. At 18 that was one of the most horrifying experiences I could imagine. I should add…15 years later and she is still a beloved client.”


“Lost one of my stick-on nails few years ago while blow drying a lady’s hair, only realized after she had gone! 😩😩 Probably stuck in her hair as couldn’t find it in salon 😳😳”



“One Saturday morning I was doing one of my favorite client’s hair and halfway through I had to vomit, as I had the worst hangover in history of hangovers! Came back and finished the job!


“I drooled on the top of a client’s head once. I guess I was really concentrating and didn’t realize my mouth was open. 🤣”



“Ok, so I got done drying my client hair, grabbed the straightening iron, took a step back, tripped over the cord, fell straight on my back with the iron still in my hand. Of course one of our most handsome client helped me up😱😭”


“After finishing my gent’s haircut I went and grab the mirror to show him and said, ‘how does that look,’ completely forgetting he was 100% BLIND!!!! He laughed so hard, thank God. I couldn’t apologize enough but it was just I guess second nature to grab the mirror!”


“In my first week of my new hairdressing job, I turned the hose on at the basin and forgot to hold onto it. The hose was flying around like a crazy snake and wet everyone and everything in the salon! At 16 I was sooo shy and I nearly died on the spot!! I turned bright red and froze but luckily my boss was laughing hysterically. That was my most embarrassing moment ever!”


“I was shampooing one of my regular gentleman clients and we were laughing, my gum fell on his forehead 🤣. We laughed even harder and I got a fresh stick of gum!”



“OMG I was shampooing a client, I had just gotten over a 3-day bug of vomiting and diarrhea. While I was shampooing her my intestines started to hurt and churn. I thought it was a fart I could trust—nope. I barely sharted myself. It was beyond horrible. I couldn’t rush her shampoo so after we were done rinsing I told her I needed to use the restroom. Thank God it didn’t smell and that it wasn’t difficult to clean up. I have never been so mortified but, ya know, things happen to everyone!”


“I was doing a client’s lashes and the lash popped out of my tweezer and landed in her mouth. She was talking and chewing gum and I was thinking ‘Where did that lash go?’ Five minutes later she pulls it out of her mouth. We both laughed really hard 😂”



“I was about 21…blowing out a client thinking I was all cute in a wrap dress, getting dirty looks from a coworker’s client across the row. Lo and behold…my whole boob popped out!!! 😳😂 (I’m assuming when I tucked my dryer under my arm to section). Most mortifying moment ever. I popped it back in, gave an apology to the whole floor and continued my styling.”


And this HILARIOUS idea, proving that it’s fun to not take everything so seriously!

“I have a fart machine in our salon, remote control! Of course you have to know what clients can handle that kind of humor. It gets more laughs then you can imagine. I’m 62 years old and have been in the beauty industry since I was 18. I think my clients come to me just to get a laugh and a great service people need a lift in their heart and soul.” – Barbara Craig Richey