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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Men’s Mod Texture Cut

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The award-winning owner of Victory Barber & Brand in Victoria, British Columbia is an intriguing combination of behind–the-chair genius and on-camera magnetism. Matty Conrad, who also serves as Schwarzkopf Professional’s Men’s Grooming Ambassador, fascinates us for many reasons—he’s wicked funny, innovative, passionate and oh so talented—especially with a pair of sheers. Here, Matty demonstrates The Flick, a cut inspired by the ’60s British mod movement, however, its tapered edges give it a more contemporary vibe that brings us back to that Beatles nostalgia!



1. Drape the client and evenly mist down the hair.

2. Section out a horseshoe parting high up on the roundness of the head that drops just below the crown in the back. This will allow for a leaner looking shape on the sides and back which will help keep it looking square. Be sure to keep your partings as clean as possible, and clip the top section out of the way.


3. Start at the center back and take a vertical section, pulling it out at 90 degrees and establish a guide approximately 1 to 1½ inches in length. Continue forward, cutting each section on base and maintaining the length set by your guide. Along the sides, take sections at a slight diagonal forward angle, overdirecting them slightly to the previous section. Cross-check the sides and back using diagonal back sectioning and clean up any corners or imperfections you may have missed. Repeat on the opposite side.

4. Unclip the top section, mist it down and comb to natural fall with a slight forward movement off to one side. Using the crown as a starting point, take pivoting sections starting at the back. Draw the first section out from the head and connect it to the weight line. Overdirect the next few sections back and connect them to the guide slightly elevating each one. As you work around to the side disconnect the length from the weight line and increase the length toward the face. Over direct each section to the side and elevate each one slightly to avoid heavy weight lines. Cross over the center lines until the sectioning reaches the opposite eye. Repeat on the opposite side directing each section slightly back and increasing the length around the face.



5. When you reach the center, elevate the sections straight up and connect both sides. Comb the hair forward and detail it to the desired shape. It should be heavy over to one side, creating a soft corner to the outside of the eye.





6. Blow-dry the hair with a Denman brush using the shape of the head. Switch to a natural bristle brush to smooth the hair and increase shine.

7. Use your blending sheers through the ends of the hair to create a softer, smoother shape. Focus especially on the crown, back and sides.



8. Use a T-Edge Trimmer to create a strong outline around the sides and back. Be sure to clean the outline around the face and establish the sideburn area mid-ear.




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