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Last updated: May 09, 2018

Men’s Grooming: Fades And Pomps

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While at the Farouk Systems Global Conference in Cancun, we caught up with the Esquire barbers and honestly, we could hang with the Esquire crew and their good-looking models all day. Here are a few tips when it comes to men’s fades and the always-on-trend pompadour!  


For flawless fades? Remember this:

  • Guidelines Are Key! Creating your initial guideline is always one of the most important steps when fading the hair. Watch this tip from Esquire barber Rob Diaz!



  • Eliminate Dark Spots! How? Rob showed us the “corner technique” to make any dark spots disappear. Watch how he does it below.


Finished Shot



Perfecting The Pomp
Now that you know how to fade, try to cut the perfect pomp! Watch this video guide from Esquire barber Joost Mulleman.



Finished Look


One takeaway we NEED to mention
Both Rob and Joost swear by the Esquire Thickening Cream. They work it into their hands and then run it through the hair as a precut solution. It helps keep the hair movable, workable and can sometimes eliminate having to use a hair clip or re-wetting the hair throughout the cut.