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Last updated: November 12, 2020

Marcel + Flat Iron Technique For Insta-Worthy Waves

Marcel + Flat Iron Waves For Insta-Worthy Styles
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Marcel + Flat Iron Technique For Insta-Worthy Waves

One trick for creating cool-girl waves? For BTC team member and salon owner Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair), it’s about mixing your tools to create the ultimate texture—like starting the style with a Marcel and finishing with a flat iron. Say whaaat? Yes! He uses both tools to create the coolest face-framing finish. Check out his technique in the how-to video below, then catch the steps and some quick tips he shared with the BTC fam!

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Insta-Worthy Waves: Watch The Video How-To Below!


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Get the look:

1. Once the cut is complete, curl the crown and back sections using the 1 ¼-inch Black Gold™ Hot Tools® Professional Marcel Iron.


2. Always curl the hair in alternating directions to add more bounce and texture to the look.


3. The density of the hair and desired end result are what determines the section size—take smaller sections for more movement/texture and bigger sections for looser end results.


Pro Tip: For a cleaner finish, Chris suggests combing through each section before using the iron.



4. Once moving to the side/face-framing sections, switch to a flat iron (like the Hot Tools Professional Black Gold™ 1-inch Flat Iron!), to create bends and waves shown in the video above.


5. Using the flat iron in the front sections creates a softer look and is ideal for face-framing pieces. “I found myself curling the entire head, then going back and smoothing out the front. Now, switching tools gives me the look I want [right away] without the additional work or heat,” says Chris.


6. For the ultimate lived-in look, finish with texture spray. 


Need another curling technique? Check out this Finger Wave Quickie!

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