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Last updated: July 12, 2021

Lift & Tone In One Application? Here’s How!

5 Tips To Know When Working With High Lift Color

Lift and tone in one session? If your clients didn’t adore you before, they would now! RUSK Global Artistic Director Laura Gibson (@lgibsoncolorist) showed why us she doesn’t always use lightener and why high lift color is a great option to save time behind the chair.


Scroll down to grab Laura’s tips, then watch the video above for the full tutorial. Don’t forget to check out the stunning finished look and grab the formulas!


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Check Out The Stunning Before & After!

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1. Lift Without Lightener: Here’s How

We know stylists LOVE their lightener, but it’s not always needed. RUSK Deepshine® Ultimate Blonde Ultra High Lift Permanent Creme Color produces up to five levels of lift when mixed with 40-volume developer and tones as it processes—saving you and your client precious time. 


Pro Tip: To get an extra ½ level of lift, Laura mixes in RUSK Deepshine® Permanent Color TAC Triple Action Clear. TAC can dilute the tone of the formula, but if you’re looking for brightness in the front it won’t matter.


2. Customize The Lift

If you’re not feeling 40-volume, or want more precise control over the lift, use 30-volume developer instead. It will only take you up to 3 levels of lift, but if slow and steady is more your pace or your client needs a gentler developer, then it’s perfect!


Tap The Beaker For The Formulas!

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  • Formula A (Front)

    ½ oz. RUSK Deepshine® Ultimate Blonde Ultra High Lift Permanent Cream Color BB + ½ oz. RUSK Deepshine® Permanent Color Pure Pigments Triple Action Clear + 2 oz. 40-volume developer

  • Formula B ( Back)

    (1:2) Deepshine® Ultimate Blonde Ultra High Lift Permanent Cream Color BB + 40-volume developer 


3. Processing Time (And What To NOT Do)

How long does it take? Once the entire head is foiled, processing takes up to 45 minutes. Laura recommends not putting the hair under heat to speed it up. 


4. The Perfect Candidate For High Lift

If you’re looking for the sun-kissed blonde Laura achieved on her model, a natural Level 6 base is the ideal starting point. That does not mean you can’t use high lift color on even lighter or darker tones.


High lift color is for everyone, but it might not be the right fit for every look. Laura says to think on what level you’re starting at and where you want to end up to help decide if high lift or lightener is the way to go.


5. How To Book This Service

Laura recommends booking as a full highlight service. But, make sure you charge for extra color if the client’s hair is denser or longer than normal. to balance out the extra product being used.


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