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Last updated: November 08, 2017

Kardashian Kolor by George Papanikolas

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The king of balayage, the master of trendsetting, must-have-right-now hair, George Papanikolas, Matrix Celebrity Colorist, was with us for our first-ever BTC “On Tour,” and he gave us his best tips and tricks—not to mention that he totally “teased” us with all the details of his signature Kardashian balayage application. It was amazing to have George and all of the industry’s hottest celeb hairdressers and Instagram stars onstage….and GUESS WHAT? We’re going back “On Tour” in May at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles! Tickets are on sale NOW!


Originally a businessman (he left the corporate world to become a hair artist at the age of 27!), George knows how to combine left brain and right brain thinking—he said he uses the same overall technique for all of his girls’ hair (his girls being Kim Kardashian-West, Khloé Kardashian and Hannah Davis, to name a few).


His strategy is legit—he can balayage a client in about 15 minutes! George focuses on three main areas: the face, the natural part and the ends. “Once the three areas are hit with lightener, the client will be happy and you’ll get maximum impact,” George explained.  


Fun Fact: Other “On Tour” Headliner Chris McMillan use to cut George’s hair! (The Hollywood Hair-aratti is real!)


George came together with some of the industry’s other biggest and brightest for a jam-packed day of education at the iconic Chicago Theatre! If you made it, you know what’s up; and well, if you didn’t, don’t worry! “On Tour” may be headed to a city near you!


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The Kardashian Balayage Low-Down





Using the tip of the color brush, George shows how he paints a V-shape on the hair.


Color Formulas
Formula A (Base Color): Matrix Color Sync 4N + 10-volume developer

Formula B (Highlights): Light Master + 40-volume developer

Formula C (Glaze): Gloss Sync 8A+ 10-volume developer


Tips for Success!
 The highlights start out very delicately at the root and get heavier as George works toward the midshaft and ends. He paints the hair in a horizontal parting, pulling and pinching toward the bottom of the section with his fingers. Once that hair is pulled taut, he paints it with the edge of the brush.


Delicately paint the hair and avoid “balyblobs.”


2. George breaks up the balayage line by backcombing the hair after applying the highlights.


Showing off his “teasey” technique, George explains how to
blur the balayage line.


3. Slice highlights in a horizontal pattern, and paint a V-shape on the section. George always paints in a sideways motion and makes sure the product is very sheer! Spotted “Balayblobs” happen if you have too much product on your brush, and that is not the look you’re going for!


Pro tip: Use more foils rather than putting more hair into the foils. Slices should be fine and almost see-through.





George explains strategic foil and balayage placement
while “On Tour” with BTC!


Color Formulas
Formula A (Roots): Matrix SOBLUR + 20-volume

Formula B (Highlights): Light Master + 40-volume developer


Tips for Success!
1. To get this look, George only uses 10 to 14 strategically placed foils around the face, the natural part and the ends. If the hair is foiled, no heat is used to process.


2. In a double-step process, he delicately balayages the roots and midshaft. “This gives a soft graduation of color, especially at the root,” he says.


3. Next, he backcombs through the ends and applies lightener in the foils in a similar pattern to connect the two tones.  


See More Pics
From George’s “Celebrity Color” Class On Facebook!