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Last updated: July 08, 2019

Is It Time To Invest In A Standing Solution?

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Is It Time To Invest In A Standing Solution?

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You probably don’t give a lot of thought to what you stand on every day in your salon or suite, but you should. Why? When you’re in a business that requires you to be on your feet most of the time, it’s crucial to be comfortable and supported, because you’ll leave work with energy. Stop the exhaustion! Answer the below questions to see if you need a standing solution like Smart Step.


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Do you leave the salon chair with energy to spare?

After 10- to 12-hour days or working 50+ hours a week, do you leave your salon space feeling fatigued? Smart Step Mats reduce stress and strain, improve circulation and minimize joint, limb and muscle aches—so you’re more likely to say yes to after-work drinks or playing with your kids.


“I used to just want to go home after work and lay down at the end of the week because my body hurt so much,” shares Kristina Cheeseman (@kristinacheeseman), a BTC #ONESHOT Winner based in St. Louis. “Smart Step has helped me make the most out of my day and week. I feel less pain and fatigue standing on it and by Friday or Saturday I’m still amped to go out after work.”


No question—the stylists who shared their thoughts on Smart Step Mats unanimously agree that they felt a significant difference in energy level and pain. Michigan blonding specialist Catherine Long (@catherinelovescolor) says she wants a mat to cover the entire floor of her suite! “I definitely notice a difference in leg and feet fatigue,” she shares. “My back actually hurts less too. I make sure I’m standing on the mat as much as I can because I definitely notice a difference when I’m not on the mat.”


Colorado Springs stylist Sami Schneider (@samihairmagic) put her mat to the test, doing one client while standing on the Smart Step solution versus one without. “I could totally feel way more pain in my calves and lower back when I’m not using it,” she shares. “I work 12-hour days sometimes and I can confidently say it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable if I wasn’t as comfortable as I am.”


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Do you already have a salon mat?

Know that not all mats are made equal. Sami used to use an anti-fatigue mat from Costco before she got a Smart Step Mat, and she says she “100% can notice a difference.”


Smart Step Mats are engineered to stand up to the rigors of a salon, where other brands fall short. Sami noticed her Costco mat easily stained within weeks. “My Smart Step Mat does not stain,” she says. “It’s very easy to clean and has not had any rips or tears—and I’m very clumsy! Color of all kinds and shears have been dropped on multiple occasions and it still looks and feels brand new.”


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Are you still worried about durability?

These mats are flame-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit—trust, they are durable. Plus, they are stain, chemical, puncture and tear resistant. “I work Monday to Friday, sometimes 50+ hours, and kids have been all over this mat,” Illinois stylist Jamie Park (@hairbyjpark) says. “I still get asked if I got a new mat recently because it still looks like it came straight from the box!” The mats will never curl, bubble or delaminate, and the company offers a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.


Does your current mat cover a significant portion of the floor?

If you’re standing half-on and half-off your current anti-fatigue mat, you could actually be doing more damage to your body. That’s a difference Pennsylvania stylist Jessica Scott (@jessicascotthair) noticed immediately.


“These mats cover a good area around the chair, so I am always working on the mat and not hanging off,” she shares. “I don’t have sore feet, even wearing uncomfortable shoes, and my knees and back do not hurt either because of the cushiness of the mat! Comfort level is 100%.”


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Are you unsure if a mat will fit with your space?

Smart Step Mats physically fit in any salon space—from smaller salon and suites to salons with many chairs—and lots of finishes and colors for total customization.


“The Smart Step Mat is really cute,” says Kristina. “It’s a faux leather look with my name on it. A lot of times, salon mats look like an eyesore, and this one just fits in with my vibe. The sides gently curve up so it’s easier to move my color tray on it. So far, it still looks and feels like the day I bought it and is really high quality.” The personalization aspect is one of Pennsylvania stylist Alicia McLaughlin (@thehairstylish)’s favorite parts. “My clients love seeing my name on the side,” she shares. “It’s an added bonus! It’s a great marketing tool.”


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Are you worried about cost?

Smart Step prides itself on more than 10 years as the leader in affordable, elegant standing solutions, meaning you can get an elegant standing solution for your salon that makes long days behind the chair more enjoyable.


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