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Last updated: September 17, 2021

How To Transition Blondes & Brunettes To Bronde

4 Color Melting Tips For The Perfect Bronde Hue

Clients looking to transition to bronde for the fall? PRAVANA Regional Trainer Melody Larissa (@ml_methods) has just the technique for blondes who want more depth or brunettes who want to be brighter! Keep scrolling to get her color melting tips, check out the finished look and grab the formulas! Don’t forget to watch the full tutorial above to learn the technique from start to finish.


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1. Take Circular Sections

Melody likes to take circular or crescent-shaped sections around the head when color melting. Why? It’s easier to create movement in the hair with radial sections. Once the hair is sectioned, work in three parts starting in the back, then moving towards the sides to color melt the hair. 


Pro Tip: Before you get started on the color, spray PRAVANA Purify & Revive PRIME through the hair to neutralize any metals or buildup in the time it takes to mix your color.


Check Out The Finished Look & Tap The Beaker For The Formulas!

open color formula
close formula
  • Formula A (Base Color #1)

    PRAVANA ChromaSilk 5.22 + 10-volume developer

  • Formula B (Base Color #2)

    ChromaSilk 2 parts 6NB + 1 part 5.22 + 10-volume developer

  • Formula C (Midshaft)

    ChromaSilk 7NB + 20-volume developer

  • Formula D (Ends)

    ChromaSilk 8.22 + 9.23 + 30-volume developer

  • Formula E (Face Frame Roots)

    ChromaSilk 2 parts 6NB + 2 parts 5.22 + 10-volume developer

  • Formula F (Face Frame Ends)

    ChromaSilk 9.23 + 10-volume developer


2. Neutralize Warmth With Blue Violet

When Melody was just starting out, one of the things she struggled with was toning Level 6, 7 and 8 hair—the hair was either too warm, too cool or too muddy. If you’re experiencing the same problem, PRAVANA ChromaSilk Beige Series shades are the solution. The new shade collection features blue violet undertones, which neutralizes the orange and yellow pigments found when lifting Level 6 through 8.


3. Use Two Base Formulas

If the client prefers a look that’s more lived-in and natural, Melody likes to start her color melt with a base formula that’s close to the client’s starting level and a second base shade that’s slightly darker underneath.


Here’s how she does it:


  • First, tap the roots using Formula A.


  • Then, follow with Formula B right underneath as a second base shade and melt the two together.


4. Keep Depth In The Back & Brightness In The Front

Set yourself up for success with strategic placement. For this technique, Melody’s goal is to create depth in the back and leave brightness around the front hairline. Here’s how!


Add depth to the back:

Extending Formula B or C (the midshaft formula) lower is going to create more depth and dimension at the back of the head.


Maintain a bright face frame:

To add brightness to the front around the face frame, Melody paints Formula D (the ends formula) further up the hair as if she were painting balayage highlights. 


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