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Last updated: December 04, 2017

How-To: Tight Fade

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There’s no doubt about it, fades are super on-trend right now. One variation of the cut is to go in tighter on the bottom, giving him more to style up top. That’s exactly what Josh Perez (@joshperezhair), Sexy Hair international master artist, showed us how to do when we broadcasted him LIVE during Sport Clips Huddle in Las Vegas. Check it out!


Here are some of the top tips Josh shared:


  • Verbiage is important to consider, especially when you work with both female and male clients. For example, always refer to thinning shears as texturizing shears especially in front of male clients.


  • When creating the fade, avoid compromising the corner of the parietal ridge by keeping your elbow tucked in. This will ensure you move the clipper in a C motion, instead of going straight in with the clipper and taking too much off.


  • Don’t just move your clippers in a horizontal motion. Go in at an angle in the same direction the hair grows, so you can easily feed the hair into the clippers and avoid patches in your fade.


  • When styling men, ask if they want their hair styled with shine or no shine. Men typically feel strongly about one finish or the other. If he does not want a shiny finish, you can combat this by using products that give a matte, texturized finish like clays or pastels. If he says yes to a shiny finish, you can use a pomade or cream-based product.


  • Retail is huge but not just because it’s another source to bring in money. If you sell products to your clients and they end up falling in love with the product, they are more likely to come back to you.


Watch the entire Facebook Live below and get more tips!



The finished look!


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