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Last updated: October 29, 2018

How To Create A Seamless Balayage Bob

textured lob haircut and balayage by Liz Haven
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There’s nothing more stunning than a seamless, sun-kissed balayage bob — it’s the total behind-the-chair perfection. Plus, people are bound to rave over this killer combo both IRL and online. Case in point? This balayage & haircut transformation earned more than 8,000 likes on our Instagram! So we grabbed the formula, color application, cutting how-to and all the deets on how much a transformation like this costs from stylist Liz Haven O’Neill (@LizHaven). Enjoy!


Behind the Look

Liz, who owns Kaleido Hair Artistry salon in Houston, says this bob and balayage combo is one of her favorite looks to create but that it is definitely time-consuming. “I am currently shifting my client out of a traditional highlight application and into a more natural sun-kissed shade,” she says. Here’s an in-depth look at her client’s second session.


Color Formulas

Formula A (lightener): Wella Freelights + 30-volume developer

Formula B (toner): Goldwell Colorance Express Toner + 20 ml 10 ICY + 10 ml 10 Crème + 60 ml Colorance Lotion


Balayage Sectioning

  1. Find the guest’s natural part. Then, where the natural part meets the apex of the head, part the hair to the tip of the ear on both sides. This creates your two front sections.
  2. Where the curvature of the head meets the front section, part a diagonal-back section just below the occipital bone. This will create a triangle section. Neatly clip this away.  
  3. This leaves you with two remaining sections behind the ear and at the nape. On Liz’s client, she started with the back sections, working her way to the front. However, if you want the front pieces to be extra clean and a bit brighter, then start with the front sections. (Liz works with the back sections first knowing she can always shift the developer accordingly if need be.)


Balayage Application

  1. (session 1). Balayage using Formula A, diffusing and blending the pattern from the grown-out, traditional highlights.
  2. (session 2). Begin your painting process on the new growth (her client came back after three months). Contour the hair, blending Formula A vertically and in V-shaped sections. Paint where you want to see the light, leaving some of the natural pigment alone at the root for a shadow effect.
  3. Shampoo with Sebastian Penetrate Shampoo and Conditioner, then towel-dry and globally apply Formula B. Leave toner on for 8 minutes, then condition.

Note: Liz suggested her client come back in another three months to add more depth and dimension.


Haircut How-To

  1. Create a strong blunt concave perimeter establishing a one-length haircut.
  2. Then remove minimal weight from the interior of this shape using texturizing shears on dry hair.
  3. When removing weight, use vertical partings and work in a pivotal manner. In this case, the crown was the pivot point.


Pricing For Balayage Bob Cut & Color

  • Full balayage: $195+
  • Toner: $40+
  • Haircut: $89+


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