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Last updated: December 04, 2017

How-To: Iced Highlights

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When your client is trying to go icy blonde, there is nothing worse than seeing that “blorange” tint pop through. So when she sits in your chair and tells you she always sees that brassy color after having her locks lightened, how do you make sure that doesn’t happen this time around? Let’s let Pai-Shau’s Brand Ambassador, Rob Pizzuti, break it down.


His client Liz, (pictured above) is a natural Level 5/6 who says her highlights always come out looking slightly orange, and her hair suffers when she tries to correct the color by going even lighter. Well, we know your clients aren’t about that “blorange” color and neither is Rob, so check out his rad transformation and learn how to take your client to a frosty, pale blonde she’ll totally love, and leave the “blorange” behind!


How-To: Iced Highlights


Liz with her natural Level 5/6 before her highlights!


1. Begin with a heavy dose of Pai-Shau Biphasic Infusion on all of the hair before coloring. Shake the Biphasic Infusion to activate the formula, and work the product throughout the hair, leaving it in for 4 to 7 minutes (the Biphasic Infusion pretreats the hair and delivers intense moisture to the strands). During this time, mix your lightener and high-life blonde color.


2. After a full set of highlights and freehand tipping to the front hairline and layers of the hair, cleanse the hair with Pai-Shau Replenishing Hair Cleanser. After cleansing, apply Pai-Shau Supreme Revitalizing Mask for a full 15 minutes. The mask not only nurses the hair but also soothes the scalp after double-processing the hair.


3. After thoroughly rinsing the Supreme Moisturizing Mask, re-shake the Biphasic Infusion and apply to damp, freshly cleansed hair, starting at the ends and working upwards to the midshaft area.


4. Remove any excess moisture at the root area and apply Royal Abundance Mousse to the first 2 inches of the root area. For maximum volume, comb the mousse through the hair, making sure it is fully distributed in the crown area.


5. For Liz, Rob blow-dried her hair straight in 2-inch sections with a round brush followed by a light dusting of the Sublime Hold Hairspray. This keeps the style clean while also allowing for flexibility.


The amazing blonde transformation
thanks to Pai-Shau’s exotic tea-leaf technology!


Rob’s professional styling tips:
1. Always pretreat the dry areas of the hair with the Biphasic Infusion when performing a big color transformation. This way your colors and lighteners will be more consistent as the hair quality has greatly improved. “One of my favorite things about the Biphasic Infusion is that it has no greasy oils, so you don’t have to change your formulas or timing at all,” says Rob.


2. “I can’t do without the Sublime Hold Hairspray in my kit,” he says. “It is a buildable hairspray, and you can spray up to five layers before it starts feeling like a traditional hairspray–but without the stickiness or crunchiness. It is always touchable and has an almost unnoticeable feeling to your client. Your client’s hair will bounce so smoothly that you client will look like she belongs on the runway.