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Last updated: November 20, 2023

How To Become The $100/Hour Stylist

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Location, Skill Set, Time Management—What Really Makes The Difference?

In an industry built on a “make it your own” business model, what sets successful stylists apart?


We took to Instagram to see what our BTC Fam had to say and compiled a ton of inspo that you can tailor to your already practiced salon habits to bring in the big bucks!


Extended Education

“It’s like any other industry; experience, extended education, knowledge of your craft and knowing your worth,” says @michelleclevelandhair


“EDUCATION, commitment to further training, good client management, people skills and consistency,” says @coffeeandhaircuts


In an industry that keeps up with trends, this is pretty essential. Sometimes it feels like clients hear about new techniques before we do—luckily for stylists, we can never know too much!


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Try Pre-Booking

“PRE-BOOKING is a major factor from my experience. Keep up with education and have patience! Rome wasn’t built in a day,” says @travi_life.


Do you let your clients book at their leisure or make another appointment before they head out the door? Think about reviewing your cancellation policy or creating personal maintenance schedules— brainstorm ways to keep clients excited to come back!


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Know Your Niche

“Drive to be the best in your area,” says @hairbymickk


Find what you love and run with it—there is a reason clients stay loyal to stylists they trust.


“Keep learning and growing and pushing yourself to be the best. Find your specialty,” says @sunbeamhairstudio


If your strength is blonding, don’t pressure yourself to gravitate toward color services that don’t feel organic—your authenticity will make more of a statement than any new service will!


Customer Experience 

“Customer experience, consistent results, continued education, attitude and keeping up with trends,” says @hairby.marin


Remember mom saying to treat others how you would like to be treated? In the salon, take it a step further—think about what experience you would want someone to treat you with.


“The difference is WHO is behind the chair and putting in the time to provide amazing work while charging correctly—working smart,” says @minktouch.


View your client’s time with you as more than a routine appointment, taking a little extra care of someone can transform their view of appointments with you for a lifetime!



“80% personality,” says @missmaybelline1. Plain and simple—your connection with the client matters!


“Passion, purpose, thirst for knowledge, drive and desire for creating only your best,” says @emma_morreale_hair.


It’s cheesy but it’s true, be yourself. There is nothing more awkward than a forced conversation in-between crinkling foils—acting like anyone but yourself will only fill your books with clients you don’t connect with. 


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