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Last updated: July 08, 2020

How To Apply Haircolor & Shampoo Around A Mask

What Would You Do WWYD How To Color & Shampoo Around A Mask
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WWYD: Tips & Tricks For Working Around A Mask

Struggling to work around a client’s mask? One stylist wanted to know how other hairdressers are applying haircolor and shampooing around a mask, so we posed the question to the BTC Community to get their tips and tricks for navigating around it. Keep reading to see what advice they shared and to watch a quick #maskhack video from Olivia Smalley (@omgartistry)!


“Hi, I have a question about wearing masks. I live in Pennsylvania so we don’t know when we are going back to work, but we are still planning to have to wear masks and have our clients wear masks while getting serviced. So I’m hoping that the other states can provide some insight or even videos of how they are navigating around the masks when shampooing and applying color?”


Editor’s Note: As of June 16, 2020, the state of Pennsylvania is partially reopen. Check out our state-by-state guide to learn more about where each state stands on reopening!


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Have Clients Hold The Mask In Place

“I usually keep extra masks that fit around the ears at my station in case they are wearing one that goes around the head. Sometimes I have them take off the ear pieces and have them hold the mouth/nose portion up with their hands if it gets in the way. The first few clients were a little awkward, but it gets easier once you’ve worked around the mask a few times. Everyone has been super appreciative and receptive to the new changes. Good luck!” – @autumndoesmyhair 


“I’ve run into no issues so far with coloring and shampooing with masks. At the bowl I’ll have them place it over their nose and mouth without the straps being placed behind their ears. We did request all guests to have the masks with the ear elastics and it’s really not been a problem!” – @blondingnbalayage


“Just take the strap part off the ears and tell them to hold it over their face. After the color is applied they can put it back on. They should wear a regular disposable one and throw it away after.” – @leanlean18 


“The masks are not that hard to work around like I thought they would be. If the ear loops get in the way, I have my client take it off and hold it over their mouth and nose. Same with shampoos. It’s a learning curve—you will find what works best for you.” – @itsallaboutthegraceok 


“Asking your client to hold their mask over their nose and mouth instead of having to work around the ears at the shampoo bowl helps a lot. As for color, I ask them to hold the band on the side I’m working on. Your clients are aware that this is a big inconvenience and are really just SO grateful to be with you…Good luck, it’s hot. Have mints lol.” – @sarahalleyhair 


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Use Tape Of Some Sort

“Take the straps off and use medical tape to tape the sides to the cheeks, just make sure they don’t have any allergies. I saw a picture of this somewhere and tried it and it works awesome.” – @barbara_morin2 


“I have been using double-sided tape for clothes. They put a strip on each side of the mask and stick it to their face. It works great! You don’t have to try to work around anything and they don’t have to hold it or take it off.” – 


“Keep a roll of medical tape handy. Clients can remove the string and tape their mask to the side of their face for that part of the service.” – @thebleachedpixie 


“We are using fabric tape to hold the mask on for clients. So then the ear straps can be off and out of the way and the client doesn’t have to hold the mask on.” – @holcombevanessa 


“We’ve been using medical tape to hold it in place while we color and shampoo! Works wonderfully!” – @mane_passion 


Get Creative With It!

“We’ve been open for a week and are using a string to tie each ear loop from the mask together at the base of their neck. It’s comfortable and gets everything out of the way!” – @hairpaintingbystacy 


“I have been wrapping plastic wrap around the band when coloring. I also have them bring a washcloth to put over there nose and mouth when shampooing their color out if it’s a reusable mask so they can remove it while we are rinsing and shampooing.” – @scorbiss1 


“I made masks out of shop towels—pleated them and sewed down the sides. They go from about two inches in front of the ear. I bought double-sided lingerie tape. It goes on the end of the masks. Peel the backing off and it sticks to the face nicely. Voilà! No ear loops!” – @shellyk549 


“Take some Saran Wrap and wrap it around the ear loop. It’s not perfect but it does help—or cotton around the ear. I also purchased disposable masks that I sell for $5 if a client is afraid to ruin theirs.” – @alexakatehair_ 


“You can use an updo elastic (the ones with hooks on the ends). Remove the mask elastic from around the client’s ears and secure it by the neck with that elastic.” – @xanalopes_studio 


Watch @omgartistry’s genius trick for getting mask straps out of the way in the video below!

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Just Know That Masks Will Get Dirty/Wet Despite Your Best Efforts

“Ask clients to only wear the ones that go behind the ear and warn them they will get color and get wet. It’s inevitable but really not that bad to work around!” – @kristy_dehaas 


“The disposable masks that have ear loops are best. They fit right behind the ear and shampooing is not a problem. The ear loop does get wet and/or color stained but the masks are disposable so it’s not a problem.” – @lumbmel 


“Naturally the disposable masks are getting stained which is life. If clients are arriving with non-disposable masks, we provide one they can throw out after their service. Practically the only issue thus far has been foiling around the ears and pixie cuts, but we just ask clients to hold it down. It’s no biggie.” – @headkase_dxb


“I’ve been working for a week and the mask gets color on it around the ears and wet when I shampoo. I do everything I can to minimize how much color/shampoo/water I get on it. I have had a client who removed the ear pieces and used double sided tape to hold the mask in place when getting her service. Whatever works, people. As long as you communicate with your client, you both win in the end.” – @cyndionaroll 



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