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Last updated: October 16, 2017

Horrible Bosses! Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Sometimes the best things in life are not always as they seem. This BTC member is in the midst of learning this lesson the hard way. She landed an awesome assistant position under the top educator at a very successful salon. At first, it was smooth sailing. A couple months in, however, things started changing. “She has said really rude things to me about the way I style my hair and my makeup, when I always dress and look professional. If something goes wrong with the client, she blames it on me and talks bad about the ‘mess up’ to the clients,” explains the BTC member.


To make matters worse, the lead educator has started to go beyond just simply speaking poorly about the stylist—she now forces the stylist to work on her one day off since the educator has overbooked. “I feel like if I ask to be someone else’s assistant, she will fire me,” worries the BTC member. “I’m not a lazy assistant and I bust my butt to make her happy. I’m just trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” We asked the BTC Community and what we found out was there is, in fact, a light at the end of the tunnel—and it’s called the exit.


Recognize the Signs—You’re Being Used
“Any ‘professional’ who badmouths their assistant is not a professional. It sounds like you are being taken advantage of. I understand paying dues, but you don’t want her to ruin your confidence and have you second guess yourself. I have been in that situation and it is NOT healthy.”
– Serina Elisa Gomez


Your Reputation is Your Job!
“Not only is she trying to ruin your confidence, but she is also ruining your reputation with those clients she badmouths to.”
– Lisa Hand


Confront It Head On!
“If you want to be respected for your talent later in your career, you need to be respected now. As a salon manager, I have a lot of respect for my stylists that come to me politely to tell me what’s bugging them. If she fires you, is that really a bad thing?”
– Crystel Jukes


Take Control of Your Life
“I’d talk to her, adult to adult. You are not lower than her just because of experience. It will be awkward and uncomfortable but it will tell you exactly where you need to be. By the end of your conversation, you will know if she is the right fit for your career or not. Remember it’s your life and your career.”
– Jennifer Barlow.


Take It in Strides
“Everything you go through with this stylist will only make you a better stylist once you’re behind the chair”
– Samatha Scozzari


What a True Educator Does
“When someone is an educator, it’s not about them anymore. If your educator isn’t teaching you and is using you as a slave, move on.”
– Michael W. Gold


The Golden Rule Applies
“I tell my students that a stylist is only as good as her assistant. Respect and kindness go a long way”
– Tanya Marie Lazazzera


A Member Shares Her Story
“After 5 months of abuse, they ended up firing ME! They told me that I didn’t ‘fit in’ and that I should go look for work in a smaller salon outside of Beverly Hills. After a 5 month hiatus dealing with severe self-esteem issues stemming from this unfortunate situation, I ended up assisting a stylist in one of the biggest salons in Beverly Hills. 7 years later, I am now a stylist at another gorgeous salon in Beverly Hills and the owner that previously abused me asked me to come back and work for him. No thank you! Just keep your eye on the prize. The journey to the prize will work itself out if you just stay focused on exactly what you want!”
– Haley McElwain