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Last updated: June 02, 2021

Hair Commercial TV Tricks REVEALED!

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Behind The Scenes: TV Tricks For Hair Commercials

Before photo filtering and Pinterest started giving clients some unrealistic hair aspirations, there was the OG—commercials on TV. And you KNOW as a stylist that the way models’ hair looks in shampoo commercials…is simply not real. Check out these crazy TV tricks to make hair look PERFECT!


These images come from a video that Suave created to reveal the secrets behind hair commercials. The company said that 74% of Millennial women think the hair shown in ads is unachievable (because it IS!).


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Green screen technology and invisible men with sticks

You know the rippling, beautiful waves in hair commercials? Yeah, there’s an actual human dressed in green using sticks and string to manipulate the hair and give it the coveted ripple that clients want. When the green is edited out, all you see in the final version is unrealistic hair floating beautifully.


Image via Suave YouTube video


Styrofoam balls for volume

Stylists know that sometimes the secret to volume is hair padding…but what about Styrofoam!? In this video, a model has Styrofoam balls pinned to her head to create unachievable volume.


Image via Suave YouTube video


Lots of fake hair

You’ve probably suspected this, but in those shots with a model on the ground and her hair perfectly fanned out around her? Turns out…that’s not her hair. The fanned hair is extensions that have been perfectly placed, and the model’s hair is just clipped up and out of the way.




Check out the full video below!