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Last updated: December 06, 2017

Go Green With These 5 Color Formulas

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Get ready for one of the most badass hair trends to take off in 2017—green hair! Leave it to some of the coolest celebs of the moment—names like Rihanna, Frank Ocean, G-Eazy and Kylie Jenner—to rock this bold, experimental color! For the clients in your chair looking to make a statement, go green with these five attention-grabbing color formulas! Check them out below!


1. Irish Mint


Color Formulas
Formula A: Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA Vario Blond Plus Blue Dust-Free Bleach + 10-volume developer + Olaplex No. 1


Formula B: IGORA Vario Blond Plus Blue + 7-volume developer + Olaplex No. 1


Formula C: 15g Manic Panic Enchanted Forest + 5g Manic Panic Venus Envy + 5g Manic Panic Raven + Olaplex No. 1


Formula D: 10g IGORA ROYAL Color Creme 10-1 + 5 grams 9.5-1 + 5g 9.5-29+ 7-volume developer + Olaplex No. 1


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2. Neon Lemon-Lime


PRAVANA Color Formulas
Formula A:
1½ oz. VIVIDS NEON Yellow + 1 oz. NEON Green


Formula B: 3 oz. NEON Yellow +  a dot of NEON Green


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3. Emerald City


Paul Mitchell Color Formulas
Formula A (prelighten): Dual Purpose Lightener + 20-volume Cream Developer


Formula B (base): POP XG Green + Teal + Midnight


Formula C: POP XG Green + Teal


Formula D: POP XG Yellow


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4. Minty Fresh Matte Gloss


Wella Professionals Color Formulas
Formula A:
iNSTAMAT!C by Color Touch Ocean Storm + Color Touch Emulsion 4% + Color.i.d.

Formula B: iNSTAMAT!C by Color Touch Jaded Mint + Color Touch Emulsion 4% + Color.i.d.


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5. Kylie Jenner’s Teal Ombré


PRAVANA Color Formulas
Formula A (Dark Base):
 Pravana ChromaSilk 3N + 10-volume developer


Formula B (Teal): 2 Parts Pravana VIVIDS Green + 1 Part  Pravana VIVIDS Blue


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These celebs (and their green manes!) are the embodiment of cool.