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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Face-Framing Fringe: Tips + Technique Video

Joel Torres @joeltoresstyle '70s Inspired Face Framing Fringe Tips Technique Article Video How To Quickie
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Cutting Quickie: ’70s-Inspired, Face-Framing Fringe Video How-To

Your client has thought long and hard about this and she’s ready to rock bangs again! But she doesn’t want blunt bangs that’ll take too long to grow out, she wants cool, ‘70s-inspired fringe that screams effortless and lived-in. Below, we’re sharing a how-to technique video PLUS three tips from Joel Torres (@joeltorresstyle) that’ll help you master face-framing fringe—check it out!



Watch The Video How-To Below

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1. Joel’s Technique 

Create a triangle section in the front and divide it down the middle. Take one subsection, overdirect it to the other side and point cut from short to long to create the guide for the rest of the cut. Repeat on the other subsection. “The reason why I’m cutting from short to long is to keep the center shorter and the sides slightly longer,” shares Joel. “That way the hair pushed outside, which is what people in the ‘70s used to do, is going back.”


2. Determining The Shortest Point

So how does Joel decide where the shortest point will be? He says it depends on the size of the forehead and the density of the hair. So for a client with a smaller forehead, start your triangle section a little farther back and work with bigger sections to create the illusion of a longer forehead.


3. What If She Has Curly/Wavy Hair?

The tricky thing about cutting curly/wavy hair is accommodating for shrinkage. That’s why Joel will cut the fringe longer than intended on wet hair first, then he’ll finish the cut and style the hair before going back and detailing the fringe once it’s dry. This not only allows Joel to see how much the hair shrinks but assures he won’t cut off too much at the start and end up with micro bangs instead of face-framing fringe.


Note: Joel says he likes to cut the hair while it’s wet because the elasticity is different and it gives him more control.


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