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Last updated: November 15, 2017

EXTENSIONS: Sectioning, Color Matching, Pricing & More

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Recently, we spent some time with the Hairtalk USA team, and on top of getting all your extension questions answered, we also caught a sneak peek at their new launches coming this October—and let’s just say, we can’t wait!


Until they’re ready to announce everything, we grabbed some top extension tips for you from their education team, including @vickicasciola, @tuckerjstyle, @liciebaby and @celeste_wilson13


Sectioning Technique:

  • Use a bricklay pattern, starting from the bottom and working your way to the top of the ear, then work the sides and the front.
  • Apply your rows even and straight and always leave at least a finger-sized amount of space between each row.


Color Matching:



  • While pricing can differ from salon to salon, it’s best to think of extensions as a color or cutting service. Are you:
    • fixing a haircut?
    • creating a new cut and/or style?
    • adding color? If so, is it a balayage look or just a pop of color?
  • All of these questions and their answers will warrant different price points.



  • If you’re just starting out, leave yourself about two hours to apply a full head of extensions.
  • After you become more seasoned in the application process, it can take under an hour to complete any look.



  • Make it easy for your clients to put their hair up.
    • Here’s how: stay a finger or half inch away from the perimeter, this will ensure there is enough of their natural hair to cover up the extension.
  • Leave at least 1/8 inch of room between the tape-in and the root.
    • Why? If you put it right at the scalp, when you sandwich the top on, it’s going to create tension and will lift up off the head, and when the hair starts to grow out, it will pull more on the client’s hair.


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