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Last updated: July 18, 2019

Don’t Skip These 4 Steps When Applying Clip-In Extensions

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Don’t Skip These 4 Steps When Applying Clip-In Extensions

Are you knowledgeable in clip-in extension application? If not, you SHOULD be. Here’s why: They’re low maintenance, easy to install and can seriously up your ticket price. Not to mention, they’re a great way to add pops of color without the lengthy service or commitment.


So to help you bump up your ticket prices this summer, we’re sharing a few go-to tips for the clip-in extension application process + five images to serve as your clip-in inspo behind the chair. Check it all out below!

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4 Quick Tips To Know Before Applying Clip-In Extensions

  1. When using clip-ins, visualize the style before creating it because the upstyle and placement of braids will determine where to apply the extensions.
  2. If braiding in the crown or high on the sides of the head, don’t apply clip-ins higher than the occipital bone to ensure they stay hidden.
  3. Shampoo the extensions before styling, but don’t condition them—this creates more grip.
  4. Use five to 10 wefts on shorter hair when the goal is to add length. Use three wefts to add fullness to already-long hair.



5 Cutie Clip-In Inspiration Shots

BTC and Hairdo® recently held a contest where BTC Team members got to test the Hairdo Color Extension Kit, and we have the five winning shots below! Use them to serve as your creative inspo on your next client, and use the tips from above when applying. Scroll down for the looks and the winners. Happy styling!


1. Unicorn Princess Vibes

by @maayanbirnstein

Winning shot!


2. Braided Pops Of Color Off A Dark Base 

by @stephscissorhands



3. Natural + Braided Rose

by @alishajaredhairartistry


4. Crimped & Colorful

by @theodoraraptis



5. Muted Hues + Festival Vibes

by @liz.colors