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Last updated: September 18, 2023

Dear Clients, Getting A Haircut Will Actually Help Your Hair Grow!

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“I Haven’t Cut My Hair In So Long And It STILL Hasn’t Grown!”

Sound familiar? It’s been what, six months and still no progress on that hair length? We’ll let you in on a secret—your hair is breaking off before you’re even able to notice the new growth!


Lucky for you, we have the solution. Six-time BTC #ONESHOT winner Ashlee Allen (@aaashleee) breaks down the “mystery” of how snipping those dead ends can actually assist in noticeable hair growth. Read below for a real life example from Ashlee’s own head & tips for growing those long locks. 



Is It Really True?

Ashlee says she’s constantly receiving the same questions from her clients like, “If hair grows from my scalp, how does cutting it make it grow?” What many clients don’t realize is the damage being done at the ends of the hair is the reason the length of regrowth from the scalp is not noticed. 


It’s important to protect what you can and understand the cycle of breakage & regrowth when trying to grow out your hair. Heat styling, hair coloring, mistreating wet hair—all these day-to-day hair maintenances are factors that contribute to causing split ends that turn into breakage that yes, even stylists can be guilty of it.



Split, Break, Repeat

Anything you do to your hair can contribute to creating split ends and risking them breaking off. The problem is, once a split end breaks off the hair it doesn’t just collect on the shower wall. The hair actually forms another split end off of the broken one and the cycle repeats itself all the way down your hair strand—like Ashlee’s below!

Check out this crazy split end from Ashlee’s own hair! 

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“Follow the strand down to the 2 inch mark on my comb and you’ll see a little white ball in the middle of the hair strand. I know you’ve all noticed these in your hair before—that little white ball is holding on for dear life and will probably break right off the next time I brush or apply heat to my hair!”. 


What To Ask For

Not “just a TRIM!” Be specific. Ashlee says when she does a trim on her clients she only takes off 1/4 inch. This could vary with any stylists and their idea of what a trim would mean for your own hair. Giving a measurement and even requesting they take off any visible flyaways or split ends from the top surface of the hair is a great way to prevent any interior split ends from going deeper into the hair.


Ashlee says she recommends a good trim regularly, which is every 10-12 weeks. This allows enough time for the hair to grow while maintaining a healthy trim to keep those ends clean and free of any possible breakage. 



What To Do For Prevention

Ashlee says, “It’s as simple as this: Your hair is constantly growing, but it won’t get any longer if it’s constantly breaking.”

  • Use a heat protectant
  • Avoid heat styling every day 
  • Get REGULAR trims 



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