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Last updated: November 02, 2017

Cash Or Check Only?

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Point of sale is a tricky sport. With a whole spectrum of different methods available to choose from, payments and tips are getting to stylists from any and all directions. When it came to balancing both options, one BTC Member found herself bound by financial constraints, asking her fellow BTC Community: “I’m thinking about dropping the tipping option and asking clients to pay cash or check only. Credit card fees are killing me… what’s your opinion?”


It’s a tough question to answer, so we took this issue to the best of the best—our very own BTC Members! Here’s what you had to say!

“I own a small salon in a small town. Currently, I only accept cash or checks… However, I just ordered a Square for those who use cards. Just explain there will be a processing fee for the use of a card. If you’re being charged fees, most people either comply or come up with cash, but make sure to tell them before their service so they have the choice.” –Danielle Hammer


“We accept cash or check only, and in my 8 years as an owner, it has cost us two clients! Literally TWO in EIGHT years! But we are small town with a huge referral business. I can see the downside to a walk-in business or a brand new stylist in a fast-paced area!” –Nikki Ramsell

“Personally, if a client asks me what I prefer, I tell them cash or check. Those who have asked continuously pay me in cash now. However, I find it to be a little tacky to just say, ‘I’m no longer taking credit cards’. You may lose the clients who want to pay by credit card, and it’s a tax write off. I would suggest if anything to just put up a small sign ‘cash or checks are greatly appreciated’—something simple that doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. Most people will see it and start bringing cash.” –Eryca Saenz


“Increase your prices to cover the costs of taking a credit card. You’ll regret removing the option after having it already. So many of my clients use plastic to pay—especially for color services.” –Jessica Mihaichuk


“I didn’t take credit cards for years! When Square Up came out, and I felt like I could afford the fees, I started taking them…The first full year I made almost $12,000 more doing the same clients… They bought more products and appliances. It was a huge raise. Crazy—I never thought it could make that much of a difference, but it was huge. So if you change it up and quit taking them, be prepared for a decline in revenue.” –Vicki Shull


“You’ll lose more in revenue than you spend on credit card fees if you completely do away with credit cards. Plus, what about getting a bad check? That does happen. You can get for a square for a flat rate of $275 a year. It sucks to pay the fees but it sucks a lot more to lose or inconvenience your clientele.” –Justine Gibbons


“I personally won’t go to businesses that don’t accept some kind of card so why would I not accept them in my business? I don’t know about you, but I would rather not walk around with a few hundred in cash on me, and many people no longer have checks. Also, checks can bounce and then you’re out all that money, not just a small percentage. I tell people I prefer cash if they ask but I still offer and accept credit cards.” –Victoria Stevens


“Research shows that people will tip more as well as buy product when using credit vs check or cash. Most people use credit and it’s convenient for them. It may cause you a lot more grief. I Highly suggest against it.” –Chantelle Casey