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Last updated: August 08, 2017

Can the New “Uber” of Beauty Give Your Income a Big Bump?

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JOIFUL is a new, on-demand beauty app that’s
offering big opportunities for stylists.


If you’re like most people, you’ve spent many an Uber trip grilling your driver about what it’s like to work for the on-demand transportation service. You’ve heard about the freedom, the flexibility, the potential to earn big money. Maybe you even signed up as a driver yourself to bring in a little extra cash. But what if you could have those same perks—the freedom, the flexibility, the earning potential—doing what you love…namely, hair? How would that change your career?


At a swanky Hollywood launch party for JOIFUL—a new on-demand beauty app—we chatted with JOIFUL Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chad Law about the opportunities this development offers beauty pros.


The JOIFUL launch party was hosted by VP Chad Law and Whitney Port. Whitney’s a huge fan!


The launch party was co-hosted by Chad and actress Whitney Port. Turns out the latter is an early JOIFUL adopter and loves the service. “My life is busy and going to get busier,” says Whitney, who recently announced her pregnancy. “So I’m glad to have a solution that saves time trekking to the salon.”


JOIFUL’S goals are ambitious. According to Chad, they aim to start a beauty revolution, changing the way people receive all beauty services—hair, makeup, nails, skin care and massage. Specifically, JOIFUL allows people to receive these services in the comfort of their own homes, whenever they wish, at reasonable prices. Brunch with the mother-in-law-to-be is in two hours and your hair needs work? Order up a blow-out on JOIFUL. No time to get to the nail salon? JOIFUL will dispatch a nail tech to file, polish and buff while you oversee the kids’ homework.


JOIFUL fashion show!


So what does JOIFUL mean to a stylist working in a salon? Well, say your Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are crazy but the rest of your week is on the slow side. You can activate JOIFUL and pick up extra work on a so-so Tuesday. Or maybe you’ve had to put your career on hold because you’re raising young kids. With JOIFUL, you can make yourself available on those evenings and weekends when dad can be on duty. Perhaps you’re new and still building. You can meet prospective cut and color clients when you’re providing a JOIFUL styling service.


Money-wise, Chad says to equate the fees with Uber Black. Blowouts start at $60 and stylists can earn 75 percent to 85 percent on billable hours, based on their ratings. Tips are all yours and you get paid via direct deposit, every three days. What’s more, JOIFUL supplies all of your products and tools!


Party people learning all about JOIFUL.


Ready to sign up? It’s a four-step process, according to Chad. First you log on to and submit your name, contact information and license number. Soon a JOIFUL rep will follow up with you. Your license will be verified, you’ll take a personality test (to make sure you play well with others), followed by a technical test to assess your skill level. There’s a background check for security purposes, and then JOIFUL certification training with former Sassoon educator Sally Rogerson. Then you’re ready to provide JOIFUL blowouts and special event styling for clients in your area.


Look who we ran into at the JOIFUL party! Hi, Philip and Mary Wilson!


JOIFUL has launched in Los Angeles and Orange County, and is scheduled to be up and running in New York City in June. In the fall, there will be opportunities in the Southeastern U.S., from Atlanta to Miami. What a joy!


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