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Last updated: October 24, 2017

BTC Joins Davines In NYC For the NEW MASK With Vibrachrom Launch

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A New York City penthouse party that served kombucha?! Yes, please! BTC joined Davines‘ North America Education Director, Francesco FerriCreative Director Jorge Blanco and Celebrity Colorist Chelsey Pickthorn at their North America Headquarters as they shared some very exciting news: the NEW color line, MASK with Vibrachrom has launched! You know MASK, the creamy color formula that uses milk proteins for a compacting, binding and hydrating action, and we’re here to tell you that MASK with Vibrachrom takes this to a whole new level! The newest formula was inspired by three aspects: the world of nature, the world of cosmetics and the world of textiles. Pretty cool, right?!


And with Davines, it’s never just about the productit’s also about the brand’s “Sustainable Beauty” message. In keeping with this, each compostable MASK color box features a stunning black and white photo submitted by members of the Davines community. The photos represent something each stylist found beautiful. Plus, when you are done with the box, throw that biodegradable packaging in the garden!


Ready to see for yourself what makes MASK so great? Below, team Davines breaks down three color transformations using the new line. Check it out!



Party at the @davinesnorthamerica Headquarters Penthouse in NYC! BTC was onsite getting the scoop on the launch of the *new* MASK with Vibrachrom! Fun fact: they tested the color line on 17,000 people before deciding it was right. Talk about perfection! ?????? #davines #davinesnorthamerica

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Chelsey, BTC’s Haley, Jorge and Francesco enjoyed lunch, conversation and chill vibes at the Davines North America Headquarters.


From Deep Brunette to Bronde Beauty

Rachel, a fashion blogger based in L.A., started with a deep brunette hue before Chelsey brought the color up to a
more summery-like bronde.


Starting Level: This color had been lifted to platinum, colored forest green, then darkened an additional six times.


Davines Color Formulas
Formula A/Prelighten roots: 80g 12,71 + 40g 12,11 +10-volume activator


Formula B/Prelighten midlengths: 80g 12,71 + 40g 12,11 + 30g 000 + 20g 12,7 + 20-volume activator


Formula C/Prelighten ends: 80g 12,71 + 40g 12,11 + 70g 000 + 40-volume activator


Formula D/Additional color removal/ends: MASK bleaching powder + water + SOLU Shampoo


Formula E/Toner/Midlengths and ends: 30g 7,32 + 20g 8,1 + 5-volume activator


Formula F/Toner/Roots: 20g 6,1 + 30g 7,1 + 10-volume activator


Apply Formula A to the root area.


2. Apply Formula B to the midlengths and Formula C to the ends. Process and remove.


3. Apply Formula D to remaining color on the ends.


4. Tone lengths with Formula E and roots with Formula F.


Watch Chelsey transform Rachel’s color!



From Chocolate Brown to Beautiful Blonde

Christina, a painter and seamstress based in Brooklyn, wore a chocolate brunette color before Chelsey gave her a blonde makeover!


Davines Color Formulas
Formula A/Prelighten: L’Art Decolor Hair Bleaching Paste + 1/2 L’Art Decolor Ultramarine Blue + L’Art Decolor Cobalt Violet. (Mix several versions of this formula, using 5-, 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-volume activators and apply as needed—lower volume where less lifting is required or hair is compromised; higher volumes where more lifting is required and/or hair integrity is intact.)


Formula B/Tone: 20g 10,01 + 20g 10,23 + 5-volume activator


Prelighten to pale yellow with the assorted variations of Formula A.


2. Tone roots to ends with Formula B.


Watch Chelsey transform Christina’s color!



From Light Brown to Deep Brunette
Davines’ Naomi Knights transforms her model Nina from light brown to deep, dark brunette.


Davines Color Formulas
Formula A
: 20g 3,0 + 20g 4,1 + 80g 5-volume activator


Formula B: 40g 4,14 + 80g 5-volume activator


Formula C/Roots: 20g 2,0 + 20g 4,1 + 80g 5-volume activator


Create chevron-shaped partings and alternate Formulas A and B on midlengths and ends.


2. Apply Formula C to the root area.


Watch Chelsey transform Nina’s color!