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Last updated: February 21, 2018

Behind The Nails: The Blonds FW18

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The Blonds FW18 nails by CND

It wouldn’t be a New York Fashion Week without stopping by the CND Design Lab, and as always, the nails created by CND Co-Founder and Style Director Jan Arnold and her team were absolutely jaw-dropping. Here’s a closer look at the runway nails for The Blonds FW18. 


The Blonds FW18
The nails at the The Blonds are never just nails—there is always a story behind the look. This season, the nails represented a female’s journey from darkness into light, with each stage represented through a different nail look.


“The whole story starts with Lucifer as a female—a strong powerful female—burning in the fire, finding the melted, molten marble, protecting herself with armor and finding her spikes and her crystals,” said Jan. “You then see the weapons emerge [on the nails]…and from there, there is a transformation that leads us to heaven—where angels are ascending and finding their power and taking over the darkness and evil with wonderful goodness.” 


In total, Jan told us that The Blonds took more than 400 hours of craftsmanship, 1000s of Swarovski crystals and tons of spikes, pins and beads to make the overall vision come together. Check out a few behind-the-scenes videos at the making of the nails!



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Click on the slideshow to see the finished shots from The Blonds.

The Blonds FW18 nails by CND




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