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September 14, 2017

What Would You Do: Adding BLACK To Lightener?




Rumor has it that Marilyn Monroe’s “secret” toner was clear with a dash of black. Since then, many colorists have mixed a smidge of 1B into a clear base to get an ash hue. But adding black to lightener? You asked, and your fellow stylists answered!


“We were talking at the salon about the ‘adding drops of black into toners for ashy blondes’ post the other day. Someone on that thread said she ‘adds a couple drops of black into lighteners—been doing it since beauty school. Mix up your bleach, add a few drops of black and get to work! The bleach will turn purple at first and will gradually oxidize to white in the bowl.’ It’s supposed to control brassiness. Has anyone ever done this?”


Scroll through the slideshow above to see everyone’s responses. **BONUS: Scroll down to see test swatches!


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Thank you Veronica Wirges for testing this theory on some swatches! Her conclusion? “They either came out the same or worse with color added. The only one with hope was the one I spiked with blue ColorWorx.”