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Last updated: August 08, 2017

8 Reasons to Move to a Salon Studio

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Sola Salon Studios has grown to 5,000 salon professionals in more than 230 locations nationwide in the last 11 years, and it’s no surprise why—salon professionals have the opportunity to call their own shots and live the life they have always wanted. Freedom, flexibility and pride are what each of these talented Sola stylists have gained since making the switch. Here, a few of the 5,000 salon professionals provide 8 top reasons for becoming a business owner at Sola and how their lives have changed.  

Kim Schine, The Painted Ten, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“The move to Sola Studios did not come without hesitation and unsure feelings. It was however, the best career move that I have made for myself. I was working long hours and left feeling that there had to be something more rewarding out there. It was then that I made the choice to invest in Sola Salons Studios and become my own boss. I realized that there was nothing better than being able to set my own course and charge forward from there!”


Deedra Cravens, Eye Candy Beauty Studio, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“The freedom has allowed me to be a better wife and mother. I am happier. I allow myself to take the time to go on field trips or to actually make that Saturday soccer game or family gathering.”

“If I am in the studio my heart is there too. I have been given most of the amazing opportunities, session styling for fashion shows, an increase in my referrals, an appearance on a local news segment and more education than I can even take advantage of.”



Ashley Johnson, Salon Savvy, Bentonville, Arkansas


“My clients absolutely adore my new location at Sola. They love the privacy and the ability to have a one-on-one conversation without chaos going on around them. They also enjoy the amenities inside and outside of my suite.”


Emily Hartzner, The Chair, Brandon, Florida

“I was ready to be independent and see what I am capable of. I love the fact that other sola salon owners come from different walks of life and cultures, yet we all have the common ground that we are there to focus completely on our guests.”



Jamie Getskow, Nail Designs by Jamie, Santa Clarita, California


“I love that my studio is mine. The decor, the music, everything; I personalized my space to what I like and need in my working environment. It has been liberating and empowering. Professionally, my business has grown and so has my income. Sola Salons has been the answer to my prayers.”


Samantha Hardin, Salon Boheme, Edina, Minnesota


“This first year has definitely been a learning experience, and it hasn’t been easy. I have had to learn about all new color and product lines, I have learned to be a bookkeeper and accountant, as well as a tax person and marketing wizard. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change any of it.”


“I put my heart into my career and now I finally feel the success I was missing. When I leave work at the end of a busy day, there is this feeling of pride that kind of takes over you, I never experienced that working for someone else.”


Autumn Morris, GlamLocks Hair Lounge, Encinitas, California

Being a part of Sola Salon Studios has propelled me into a part of our industry that use to seem impossible. I earn, learn and live better. I have been at Sola for three years and have consistently continued to increase my income through retail and education, and am in the process of launching my own line of products as well. I have been able to cut down my working days to three days a week, while making more money then I did in four because of retail and having an assistant in my studio. As a stylist, I never thought of myself as a “business” person. Being a part of Sola has made me a better stylist and—I can’t believe it—but a better business woman as well!



Holly Santelli, Serendipity Beauty Parlor, Park Ridge, Illinois


“For me, being part of the Sola 5,000 means that I am part of a big group of empowered people that are making a difference for the better, not only for themselves but for all those that enter their space. It’s a great group to be a part of.


“‘One hairstyle may not change the world, but the person wearing it might…’ as a member of the happy, empowered Sola 5,000, there are a lot of opportunities for putting good vibes out to help change the world.”


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