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Last updated: July 22, 2017

7 Men’s Grooming Tips To Better Your Barbershop Biz

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Treat your guys how they want and need to be treated! BTC hopped on a flight down to Austin for Farouk Systems launch of the brand’s new Men’s Grooming Line Esquire, and let us tell you, it was a PARTAYY! We celebrated Sunday night at The Market and Tap Room where the Farouk barbers, Esquire models and more than 400 guests got to hang out with Farouk Shami, the Founder and CEO of Farouk Systems Inc., and see what the new line had to offer. Monday was all about education. We got some behind the chair action with the barbers at the Austin World Fair and gathered up a few of our favorite men’s grooming tips to share with you!  


1. Men are an easy sell
In most cases, guys can be simple, they just need to be told what to do and how to do it. According to the Farouk barbering team, educating your client is what’s most important. Don’t just tell your clients how to use a product—show them! Put the product in their hand, and have them show you how they would use it before work or going out. This allows you to better understand their routine and help them in a way that works best with their lifestyle.


2. Perfect your pompadour
Obviously for this style you’re taking your client longer in front and shorter on the sides. Work from the highest point on the head and create your guideline. Then, moving forward on top of the head, pull the hair back and cut from that same guideline. This will create the proper short-to-long length.


Maurice Den Exter perfecting the look at the Esquire booth!


3. Create a signature
Follow the rules, go step-by-step and then add your own small, signature touches to finalize the haircut. For barbers, adding your own style is important, but following the right steps to get there is first and foremost.


4. It’s called grooming…just do it
Esquire is a men’s grooming line—it’s not just cutting and it’s not just barbering. It’s called grooming for a reason, Esquire barber Joost Mulleman told us to never ask your client if they want their eyebrows, nose or ears trimmed—it makes them feel uncomfortable and it really should be part of the service.


Wallace Barlow and his model after a cut and style done right!


5. Keep ‘em coming back
Farouk educator and Esquire baber Maurice Den Exter keeps his male clients coming back by selling a package of 10 services—services include trims and grooming maintenance. This is a great way to get your guys coming back regularly and to keep them looking extra fresh!


6. Call it an aroma
Farouk Shami and the entire Esquire team want to create a special ambiance with this new line. One of their big no-nos? Never call the product smell a fragrance, call it an aroma. Farouk feels very strongly about keeping the image completely branded.


7. Give them an identity
Don’t just give your client a haircut, give them an identity—get to know them and understand what they want, and remember, for the guys in your chair, you’re creating a part of who they are. Never forget that detail!