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Last updated: November 09, 2018

6 Tips For Your Best Shag

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If you could think of the one most iconic hairstyle that’s both sexy and timeless, what would it be? We’re pretty sure there is only one answer—the shag. Layers, face-framing fringe and movement all define this always-chic, always-cool rock ‘n’ roll cut, and because it can be a hard one to truly master, we pulled some tips from the experts who create this style on the reg. Check ‘em out.



1. Perimeter is Key

For Sally Hershberger, aka the queen of the shag, it’s all about the perimeter. When framing the perimeter, work in small sections. This will help you keep track of the cut and allow you to see what is actually happening. “Once you get your frame, you can go to town on everything else.”


Short hair? DON’T CARE! The best part about the shag? It can be worn on any client!


2. Work Front to Back

If you are used to working back to front, it’s time to rethink your steps. According to Sally and her team, the front is the most important part of your cut. If you start in the back, you can’t really take in the person’s face, and it becomes much harder to create the look without taking in the facial features.


3. Move Around

When cutting a shag, you have to move with the hair. To see certain angles you have to be at certain levels. Don’t be afraid to stand directly in front of your client while cutting. You have to be able to see how your cut looks from this angle.


4. No Part? No Problem!

Get out of the mindset that your cuts need a designated part line. The Shag is a style that lives on the head. The haircut must flow and be versatile, having a hard part can sometimes hinder this.


The shag is a haircut that lives on the head. Don’t worry about having a hard part when creating this style.


5. Disconnection Direction

“Over-layering is important, but I switch to disconnection in the crown,” says Co-Owner of LA’s Ramirez Tran Salon, Anh Co Tran. “It’s more modern when an undercut is involved.”


6. Finish Strong

Shag cuts absolutely need the right styling and finishing products to produce separation and definition in the layers, believes TIGI® International Creative Director Thomas Osborn. Depending on the hair type, choose a spray wax, mousse texturizing spray or styling cream to achieve the desired result.