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Last updated: June 13, 2018

6 Balayage Tips From @prettylittleombre

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We know what you guys are really after—balayage tips and tricks! So we went to @prettylittleombre’s Instagram and grabbed a few of her truth bombs when it comes to everything hair-painting related.



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1. For Contrast and Depth
To create high-contrast color, make sure you have neighboring depth. The more product (lightener) you see, the brighter it will be. The less product you see, the more of a subtle effect it will create.


2. For Brightness That’s Seamless
Fine sectioning is ideal for adding brightness without looking like a traditional or weaved highlight.


3. For A Melted Blend
Want that seamless blend? Hold the hair taut, then in a soft, gentle motion, smooth out the transition area.


4. For Building Clean Color
Always be aware of your hand motions. How much product you have on your brush, how much pressure you are using when applying the color and the consistency of your product on the hair all make a difference. These are all components of a clean application.


5. For The Most Natural Look
Always use purposeful placement when framing the face, then slowly lower the intensity of the brightness in the back. This way, it replicates how the sun would naturally brighten the hair.


6. For A Low-Maintenance Color
Babylights and faded foiling are great ways to brighten up your client with a “painted look” while still giving them their low-maintenance color!


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