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Last updated: September 24, 2017

5 Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

It couldn’t be simpler. If your clients are happy, they’ll come back. So what are the secrets to keeping clients happy and loyal? L.A. Hair’s Jonathan Antin lays it out!

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It couldn’t be simpler. If your clients are happy, they’ll come back. If your clients are happy, they’ll tell their friends. You’ll keep the clients you have. You’ll get new clients. And (cue celestial chorus here)—you’ll make more money. So when the rent’s due, you won’t have to get an advance on your birthday money. You’ll be able to replace that bashed-up back bumper on your Prius. And that trip to Cabo that’s on your bucket list? Start packing Señorita!  So how do you keep your clients happy? L.A. Hair’s Jonathan Antin lays it out for us.
1. Make it Personal
Let’s be real—every client craves a salon experience that transcends the service and leaves them feeling physically, mentally and emotionally rewarded and recharged. How does this work? By tuning in to the client and focusing on their individual needs and preferences. A personal and customized consultation/service should address not only style and maintenance, it should complement the client’s appearance, lifestyle and personality. Carve out a path for each client that’s suited for their unique needs to cultivate a relationship that’s built on trust and emotional connection.
2. Education and Communication

Education and communication are valuable ways to connect with your clients and impact their experiences. If you can provide your clients with education in the form of fresh, valuable advice or insight, in addition to a perfect service, your offerings become that much more valuable. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your knowledge. After all, you’re the stylist! Your clients don’t necessarily know about the dangers and risks of coloring and or cutting their own or someone else’s hair at home, or the difference between shapes, styles, colors, tones, shines and glosses. Next, communicate. Clear communication needs to be part of everything from acquiring a new client, appointments and scheduling, to pricing and promotions, to the actual service being executed. Clients come in to receive the best possible service. Spend time explaining your approach, educate when necessary, and encourage your client to express themselves and ask questions. Using style books and checking in with the client during the service help tremendously.



 3. Experience
All of this leads to experience, and the client’s experience is greatly impacted by the energy of your staff and stylists. Encourage your staff to welcome clients with positive energy and smiles and to practice being approachable. Convenience is also critical. Clients crave smooth appointment scheduling, an accommodating staff and seamless transactions. Online booking platforms like MINDBODY allow for online and mobile booking, mobile appointment reminders and confirmations and client tracking so that stylists can remember things like cutting techniques, color formulas and client preferences.
4. Environment
An ideal environment leaves a client feeling relaxed, recharged and inspired. The environment of your salon impacts mood and energy levels. Assess everything in your salon—lighting, spatial design, flow. This is where creativity and originality can go a long way. How can you connect your interior space through color and imagery to reflect your ultimate branding and long term goals? How can you design your service menu and language to stand out from the rest and create a total point of difference? How do your signage and messaging reflect your unique services and staff? All of these elements are important—especially in today’s world, where clients expect to be able to find photos of your work, salon space online and on social media channels.
5. Handling Dissatisfaction

There’s always the possibility of an unhappy client or a plan that didn’t work out. Even if you’ve covered ALL your bases, it’s part of running a business. This is where strong communication comes into play once again. In the salon, open communication and encouraging your client to speak up from the very first moments will make a huge difference. Checking in with the client before, after and during the service helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page. When a client is unhappy with a cut or style, immediate communication is imperative. Being receptive and responsive is key to a quick resolution. Never challenge a client—if she’s not 150 percent satisfied, do whatever it takes to make it right!