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Last updated: July 23, 2017

5 Tips to Kick Off a Better Salon Experience

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What reasons do your clients have to keep coming to your salon? Beyond the services you offer and the products you use, the experience your clients have in your salon will resonate with them far longer than the blonde retouch you just applied on their brown roots. Retaining clients isn’t easy, but if you make sure you give your clients an experience they’ll never forget, they’ll not only keep coming back, but they’ll tell all their friends about it! Here are 5 tips to kick off a better salon experience.


1. Hello, It’s Me You’re Looking For
Has a guest ever come to your house and wore their jacket the entire time they visited? Remember how this person looked—like they’re waiting for the right moment to flee, like they don’t want to be there or like they don’t belong? Greeting your clients goes further than just a simple “Hello, welcome to my salon!” Treat them like a guest in your house. Take their coat and give them a tour to make them feel like this is the place they belong.


2. Hand Them a Beverage Menu
Your salon might offer refreshments, but when you ask your clients if they want that sparkling mineral water with a slice of lime, how many times do they say sure? Not too often. When you offer them a drink, don’t ask—hand them an actual menu instead! When they have an actual menu in their hands, they’ll spend more time browsing and contemplating your offerings, and will more likely place an order.   


3. Speaking of Menus…
She might come in dead set on an all over color refresher, but if you hand her a printed salon menu, showcasing all of your offerings with a bio of why you’re the best at what you do, she might reconsider for something more intricate. And as we know, the more intricate the service, the more revenue you bring home. Offer “test drive” services as well—try out a few face-framing highlights here or add some peekaboo babylights. Those test drives will boost your overall ticket sales, guaranteed!


4. Collect Their Info
A lot of salons glaze over this, which is a huge misstep when it comes to retaining clients. If you gather all of their information—their birthday, email, mailing address, whatever info they’re willing to share—you can communicate with them when they’re not in your chair. Send them special offers on their birthday or a “Congratulations” card when their daughter graduates from college. If you haven’t seen them in a while, there’s nothing wrong with sending an “I miss you!” card with special offers. It’s these little tidbits of communication outside the salon that solidifies relationships and makes your salon stand out!


5. Use Technology to Your Advantage
Smartphones—your clients are addicted to them so use them to your advantage. When your client calls in to schedule an appointment, Meevo’s Convobar® from Millennium Systems, Intl. makes the call go as smooth and quickly as possible. Your front desk professional types the requested day, time and stylist into the Convobar and then Convobar automatically takes that information to the online appointment book. From there, Convobar will find the best appointment available, meeting all of your client’s specific requests, without overbooking or causing any added stress for the stylists. It’s the smartest software available—and your clients will notice how easy it is to get their salon experience exactly tailored to their requests!     


Optimize your salon, maximize your revenue, reward your stylists and retain clients with the help of Millennium’s Meevo!