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Last updated: September 27, 2017

5 Tips For Better Balayage

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Balayage, balayage, balayage! Need we say more? The experts at L’Oréal Professionnel show you the three steps to “going pro”, AND share 5 hot tips to take your balayage skills—and bottom line—to the next level! 


You may think you know how to balayage, but you’re not an expert until you’ve been balayage certified. L’Oréal Professionnel exclusively offers a three-step certification program that will let you perfect your skills, increase your demand—and your prices.


1. Balayage Foundations will help you fortify your dexterity, sweeping application and sectioning.
2. Balayage Advanced will teach you how to transition your foil clients to balayage devotees as well as advanced application and corrective techniques.
3. Balayage Live lets your put your new skills to the test on mannequins and live models!


Learn more about classes here!


Once you’re certified, Nancy and her team tell you 5 hot tips to crafting the perfect balayage for every client on your books!


1. Mix It Up
Place desired quantity of lightener in your mixing bowl, and half the amount of Nutri-developer desired. Mix thoroughly, until the texture of the lightener is smooth and dense—like fondant icing. Finally, add the remaining developer needed for application, and whisk until blended, for a creamy Greek yogurt consistency.

—Nancy Braun


2. Back to Business
Balayage is highly profitable. For me, one tub of Platinium can generate $10,000 in profit from balayage services!
—Nancy Braun


3. Tone Up
Paint DIA Light in between deep two-point Platinium highlights, to create depth and pop. Use as a low-light, or to polish the overall tone of your balayage look.
—Min Kim


4. Paint On
Mix in a 1:3 ratio to paint like they do it in Paris! While wearing gloves, use the back of your hand as the paddle, and free-hand paint the application. This creates an artisanal application and a head-turning result!
—Theresa Adams


5. Added Value
Promote an accent piece! Catch your client’s eye by guiding them to their perfect balayage service. Place service menus in your retail center, front desk, sinks or processing areas to suggest an add-on service for the perfect highlighted accent piece.
—DJ McGinley


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