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Last updated: October 02, 2017

5 Secrets To Success For Salon Owners

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As a salon owner, we know you feel like your job is NEVER complete. Get advice from some industry leaders, including major boss lady Arianna Huffington, on how to maximize your salon’s success! We picked up these important tips at the MINDBODY BOLD Conference—keep reading for their words of wisdom!


Hire Correctly

  • Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post and BOLD keynote speaker, says to remember that the human operating system is not a machine. Getting away or taking a break from time to time is necessary and OK, but set yourself up for success by hiring a team that can manage your business without you there.
  • If you don’t have that right now, it’s time to decide how to establish that team. Coach your staff or hire new people to make it happen.


Arianna Huffington onstage at the MINDBODY BOLD Conference.

Get Social

  • Social media isn’t going away! Khiem Hoang, owner of Umbrella Salon in San Jose, California asks his stylists to help the salon get—and stay—social.
  • Have stylists like, comment or share five posts from the salon’s Facebook page every day on their own personal or professional platform.
  • Use content your stylists create and share on their own social media for the salon’s Facebook or Instagram page. It’s an easy way to post more content and highlight the stylist at the same time.
  • Collaborate with local photographers, videographers, models, fashion designers and university students to help create content.
  • For example, a student might have a video project coming up—they could create a story on your salon, giving you access to free and edited content while also completing their assignment. 


Sleep On It

  • Sleep is at the root of wellness and all good decision making.
  • “The key to everything in life and in business is based on the decisions you make. And if you’re running on empty, everything—including your ability to good decisions—suffers,” Arianna told attendees.


Answer These Three Questions

  • Jon Reyman, who owns seven salons across the country, suggests that building a brand and focusing on your employees are the most important factors for a salon owner to consider and to be successful.
  • Ask and answer these three questions:
    • Who’s your customer?
    • What’s your communication policy?
    • What’s your salon culture?

Find out how Jon answers these questions here!


Jon Reyman shared his own tips for salons owners to find success.


Examine Your Own Wellness
And finally, always remember that you are in the business of wellness, and while it’s your job to make people look beautiful and feel better every day, your own wellness is important too. MINDBODY Co-Founder and CEO Rick Stollmeyer outlined the seven dimensions of wellness. They are:

  1. Social Wellness
  2. Emotional Wellness
  3. Spiritual Wellness
  4. Environmental Wellness
  5. Occupational Wellness
  6. Intellectual Wellness
  7. Physical Wellness

As a salon owner, you must take your own wellness and your staffs into account—it will only help your business grow.


Rick Stollmeyer, CEO and Co-Founder of MINDBODY, talked wellness tips onstage.