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Last updated: November 25, 2020

5 Reasons Why Matty Conrad is the Most Interesting Barber in the World

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The award-winning owner of Victory Barber & Brand in Victoria, British Columbia is an intriguing combination of behind-the-chair genius and on-camera magnetism. Matty Conrad fascinates us for many reasons. Here are five of them:

1. He’s wicked funny. Who can resist a guy who can laugh at himself? We can’t, and you won’t either when you check out his cheeky videos—Get Handsome and Like a Bossboth of which have gone completely viral.


Watch Matty in Get Handsome!




Watch Matty in Like a Boss!


2. He’s wicked talented. Matty’s more than just a pretty face. He has mad barbering skills, which you can witness in this video how-to for The Flick, inspired by British popstar style.



3. He’s innovative.  How innovative? His Victory Barber & Brand line is introducing hairdresser everywhere to new men’s products and techniques. You can try them all at!



4. He’s passionate about legacy barbering techniques. 

He’s done his homework, and he hits the road every weekend to teach classic barbering skills. That said, however, he’s a little bit of a rebel!  “I don’t think anything is improper or cheating,” he says. “You either get the cut that your client wants or you don’t, and it doesn’t matter how you get there.”


5. He’s a gentleman. And there are never enough of those! His life role model is his grandfather, who put on a coat and tie every day of his life, and whose yearbook quote was, “I will never let anyone be more of a gentleman than I.”



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