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Last updated: September 26, 2017

5 MORE Killer Balayage How-Tos

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Omg—and you thought it was over? It’s balayage, baby! It’ll never be over! So, you’re lookin for five MORE how-tos for the very best in balayage? No problem! Check them out here! 


Click on the images below to get the how-tos!


1. How-To: Pearly Blonde Balayage

For your blonde bombshell lookin’ to class up the joint.

2. How-To: Milk Chocolate Melt

Let’s take that brunette to the next dimension!


3. How-To: Dimensional Balayage



4. How-To: Copper-Kissed Balayage

Red Alert: Vibrant, gorgeous and rich!


5. How-To: Platinum Balayage

Because being an “Ice Queen” doesn’t have to be a bad thing!