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Last updated: March 19, 2018

5 Dimensional Blonde Color Formulas

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We know there’s nothing better than rich and multi-dimensional haircolor, so that’s why we’re dishing out five color formulas your blonde clients will love. From Gigi Hadid’s beautiful bronde and Kristin Cavallari’s always on-trend blonde, to some of the best dimensional work created by our BTC members, here are five color formulas you just can’t miss this week.  


1. Gigi Hadid’s Supermodel Bronde

Color Formulas
Formula A (base): Color Sync 7AG + 10-volume Matrix Professional Cream

Formula B (balayage/highlights): Matrix Light Master + 40-volume Matrix Cream Developer

Formula C (gloss): Color Sync ½ Clear + ½ 9N


2. Icy Blonde Balayage Color Correction


Color Formulas
Formula A:
L’ANZA Healing Haircare Powder Decolorizer + 40-volume L’ANZA Cream Developer + ½ oz. Olaplex No.1

Formula B: L’ANZA Powder Decolorizer + 20-volume L’ANZA Cream Developer + ¼ oz. Olaplex No.1

Formula C: Wella Professionals BLONDOR + 20-volume developer + Olaplex No.1

Formula D: PRAVANA ChromaSilk 10.7 + PRAVANA ChromaSilk Crème Developer Zero Lift



3. High-Contrast, Dimensional Balayage

Color Formulas
Formula A: Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Developer 9% (30-volume) + Olaplex No.1

Formula B: Kenra Professional Demi-Permanent Rapid Toner SV + Demi-Permanent Activator

Formula C: Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent Pure Tone Hair Color Light B/b + Aveda Full Spectrum Deposit-Only Crème Color Treatment Activator


4. Kristin Cavallari’s Year-Round, Beach Blonde

Formula A:
PRAVANA Pure Light Balayage Lightener + 30-volume developer + Olaplex No.1

Formula B: Redken Up to 7 De-Dusted Lightener + 20-volume developer + Olaplex No.1

Formula C: L’Oréal Professionnel DIA Richesse 1/2 9.11 + 1/2 Clear + 15-volume developer


5. Seriously Stunning Sombré


Color Formulas
Formula A:
 Matrix V-Light Conditioning De-Dusted Lightener + 40-volume developer + Olaplex No.1

Formula B: Wella Professionals Blondor Freelights + 30-volume developer

Formula C: Wella Blondor Freelights + 20-volume developer

Formula D: Redken Shades EQ 3 part 7NB + a splash of 1 part 6N + 6T

Formula E: Shades EQ 3 parts 9NB +1 part 8V

Formula F: Shades EQ 2 parts 9NB + 1 part Clear + 1 part 9P



Plus, check out this BONUS Bronde Balayage!
Starting Level was a
Natural Level 5.

Color Formulas
Formula A (balayage): L’Oréal Professionnel Infinie Platine Lightener + 20-volume developer

Formula B (toner): Matrix Color Sync 1.25 oz. 8A + 1.25 oz. 8V + 0.5 oz. Clear + 6 oz. 10-volume developer