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Last updated: September 25, 2017

These 4 Trends Are Making A Major Comeback

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#ThrowbackThursday—your weekly dose of nostalgia. But this time, #TBT is celebrating the past 20 years of Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks collections, taking iconic images from over two decades and updating them to be very 2017 (and beyond). It’s the IKONIC Collection, and BTC had a front-row seat at the launch in Edmonton, Alberta! Here are four things you must know about the reimagined trends.


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Schwarzkopf Professional assembled a dream team of Essential Looks artists in Edmonton: Tyler Johnston, Kathy Simon, Rossa Jurenas, Jean Sebastien Lacombe, Matty Conrad, Robin Bacon, Joey Marchese and Michelle Finlayson. The team vibed together SO well (many have been with Schwarzkopf for 15+ years!), and they delivered a high-energy look at a collection that proves some “trends” will always be relevant.


Tyler Johnston and Rossa Jurenas work big texture and rich hues onstage.


1. Don’t put down your curling iron.

Big hair is having a MOMENT. While voluminous hair is always timeless, the IKONIC Collection’s take on high-volume styles is uber-textured and magnified by gorgeous, rich colors. The overall feel is expensive with an edge. Classic curl sets are the basis, but with a twist—like a healthy dose of OSiS+ Powder Cloud to encourage lived-in fuzz. “We want to keep a slightly disheveled texture, somewhat dirty,” Tyler says.



2. There’s a blonde for everyone.

“Most women would love to be blonde once or twice—it’s a culture,” Rossa says. With the relaunch of Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME this year, the Essential Looks team is pushing blonding boundaries and offering new takes on what it means to be blonde. From apricot-peach to the super-trendy rose gold, not all blondes have to be traditional. But for those who crave a perfect platinum, here it is:


  • Lightener Formula: BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ + 6% (20-volume) BLONDME Premium Developer
  • Vanilla Platinum: BLONDME Blonde Toning Ice + BLONDME Blonde Toning + 2% (7-volume) developer
  • Frozen Platinum: BLONDME Blonde Toning Ice + BLONDME Blonde Toning Steel Blue + 2% (7-volume) developer


Tone with BLONDME Blonde Toning Ice + BLONDME Blonde Toning Sand for this vanilla platinum.


3. The next fashion color wave: tone-on-tone.

Dimension is the name of this game. Vibrant shades aren’t going anywhere—in fact, they’re more normalized than ever. The trending take on bold hues is tone-on-tone, evidenced by the models below. Multiple shades of a single tone mean major dimension and a refined, expensive take on fashion colors. Rossa mixes Schwarzkopf Professional ColorWorx with ColorWorx Diluter White to achieve varying tones.


Another hot trend? Androgynous looks with sweeping fringes that can be styled many ways.
The lived-in pink at the crown was created with ColorWorx White Diluter and Pink.


4. Men’s fringe is in.

Most of your male clients probably ask for looks rooted in ’50s and ’60s Americana, which is still cool—but THIS is the next trend. “Everything went reverse, from backswept to forward-flowing,” Matty says. A cropped cut with a fringe is everywhere in the UK street style scene, and now is the time to get your male clients on board. Keep the top flat and the corners strong to maintain masculinity, and if you create a fringe that’s slightly soft, he can still wear it swept back when desired. And if you’re saying, “No way will my clients go for this,” here’s Matty’s response: “Be open to it so you’ll be on the front of the grooming revolution.”


Inspired by UK street style, men’s fringe is the next big thing in grooming.


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