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Last updated: November 06, 2020

4 Tips From This Year’s Top Hair Paint Colorist

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The #ONESHOT HOT SHOT Hair Paint Winner Shares Her Secrets

We know you’ve drooled over @catherinelovescolor’s hair painted masterpieces before…so we gathered her top hair painting tips here! The 2018 #ONESHOT HOT SHOT Hair Paint Shot of the Year winner shares fantastic videos, processing porn and the MOST gorgeous finished shots—so check her out and keep scrolling for her tips (and get the bonus color formula below)!

Products Used


1. Take baby steps with clients.

“I talk them off the ledge all the time,” Catherine says. “It’s my job to advise them what will and won’t work with their hair—not every picture you see on Instagram is something that is achievable.” Hear that? Consultation is EVERYTHING.


2. Don’t blast her with bleach.

You don’t need to lighten EVERY hair EVERY time! “This was the hardest thing for me to learn in the beginning…how to keep dimension in the hair!” Catherine says. “I overpainted everyone until I understood where to put light and where to place deep!” Over time, leaving dimension will mean less lightener is needed.



3. Tone while you treat.

Catherine uses TRUSS Professional Deluxe Prime in Champagne Blond to not only neutralize unwanted yellow tones, but to also restore and repair hair that’s just been lightened. Bonus—clients can take this product home to maintain their blonde locks!


4. Create some cocktails.

Combining multiple treatments is Catherine’s way of sending her guests home with healthy blonde hair. She likes to cocktail TRUSS Professional Blonde Mask (which has violet pigment for further neutralization) with TRUSS Professional K-Recovery, which offers extreme reconstruction and protection.


Get The Formula + Technique!

Formula A

TRUSS Professional Air Libre + 40-volume developer



1. Paint the hair with Formula A, paying attention to placement. Cover with plastic wrap if preferred.



2. Process until desired lightness, then shampoo with TRUSS Blonde Shampoo.


3. Pretone with a cocktail of TRUSS Deluxe Prime Champagne Blonde and TRUSS Miracle Mask to treat while you tone.


4. Apply your favorite toner or glaze, process and condition with a cocktail of TRUSS Blonde Mask and TRUSS K-Recovery.



Click The Video Below To Watch Catherine’s Process!


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