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Last updated: June 26, 2020

4 Tips For Getting The Perfect Photo of Bridal Styles

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How To Take Better Photos of Hair Upstyles

The brides in your chair want the perfect hair to last through their most important day…and it also has to look stunning in photos. Practice makes perfect, so use these tips from BTC Team Member Shayla Robertson (@samirasjewelry) for how to get spectacular styling AND perfect photos.


Shayla is the 2018 grand prize winner of the Hairdo Stylist Contest, and she came to The BTC House to divulge her tips for not only creating lush, photo-ready styles, but also how to capture those styles and submit them for the 2019 Hairdo Stylist Contest. Entries are open now until Sept. 16, 2019, and the grand prize this year is AWESOME! It includes:


  • A 3-day trip to NYC for two
  • A photoshoot with Hairdo, with your work featured on BTC
  • A surprise Hairdo product EVERY MONTH in 2020, plus $500 in Pink Pewter products


AMAZING, right? To enter, post new pics of your best, recent hairstyling work with #HairdoStylistContest and @hairdoUSA on Instagram. That’s it! Now, onto Shayla’s tips!


Products Used


1. Use an easy extensions solution for immediate volume and length.



Whether you’re actually styling a bride for her big day or just practicing some upstyling on your BFF, the easiest way to add oomph to styles is to add more hair. For this side-pony fishtail braid, Shayla used the Invisible Extension from Hairdo. Why?


  • It’s a halo-style extension, so it’s easy to conceal
  • It’s available in 100% human hair, so it can be easily styled
  • It’s available up to 20 inches, so it’s a LOT of impact very quickly


For a style that swoops to the side, Shayla places the Invisible Extension off-center, bringing more hair to the side of her client’s head where the finished look will live.


Pro Tip: Remember to remind your brides to come with their Invisible Extension or other types of extensions washed and air-dried before their appointment. Then at their styling appointment, prep the extensions with dry shampoo for workable grit and texture.


2. Over-exaggerate the style to add dimension for photos.



Not only will a more exaggerated style look better in photos—it will last longer throughout the wedding night! Try dramatic ridges at the crown to add dimension, especially when styling on darker hair. Here’s how:


  • Start with volume powder and tease at the root to create a full base.
  • Use your fingers to build a ridge.
  • Spray with workable hairspray to keep the ridge in place.



3. Finalize the details for the perfect photo-ready touch.



A sweet curl or a face-framing wisp can make all the difference in a finished photo, but even though you want them to look accidental, they usually aren’t. To create those soft accents, Shayla recommends leaving out a few strands of the client’s natural hair to create the tendrils you’re looking for later.


Don’t forget to add dimension to braids too. For this fishtail, Shayla only accentuates every other braid strand. “By skipping every other fishtail and just pulling out some, it creates a more luscious look,” she explains.


4. Bringing It All Together

Take a stunning finished photo.

Here are Shayla’s tips for getting the perfect shot:

  • “Natural light is always best, but have your client or model stand in the shade so the photo isn’t too bright,” Shayla says.
  • If you’re shooting on your iPhone, don’t overdo it with Portrait Mode. “Sometimes, depending on the style, Portrait Mode can blur too much,” Shayla says. “If you want to adjust the focus, use an app after you get the picture.”


You’re ready to enter the Hairdo Stylist Contest! Remember, post a recent pic on Instagram between now and Sept. 16 and use #HairdoStylistContest and @hairdousa. To find out more about the contest, click here.


This finished look is everything!


Click through the slideshow to see more of Shayla styling at The BTC House!

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