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July 2, 2015

4 Tips for Every Kind of Bob

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By Jackie Summers


When you’re trusted to give a killer sharp bob to Vidal Sassoon’s daughter, Eden, it’s pretty safe to say you’ve made it. Case in point? Vidal Sassoon International Creative Director, Mark Hayes. Mark knows a thing or two about the mastery and precision it takes to create the perfect bob. So we asked him, “What are the different types of bobs, and what are your tips for making them come to life?”


The Graduated Bob Defined 
A graduated bob is cut by accentuating the natural volume inherent in the hair. To be successful, a graduated bob needs to be cut to the hairline in the back with the graduation sitting just below the occipital and gradually diminishing to a one-length point through the front.


The One-Length Bob Defined 
A one length geometric bob is cut without tension, elevation or overdirection and will work from a center or side parting with or without a fringe.


The Layered Bob Defined
A layered bob is a less formal way of wearing an iconic bob shape. In general, the line is best kept slightly squarer with graduated layers working from the back to the front, for a soft result that frames the face.




Texture Tips
Texturizing should only be performed on dry hair, and only after the technical shape has been established. Generally, layered bobs are best suited for texturizing, as the technique releases the weight and density in the ends of the hair, providing a looser, more unstructured feeling to the shape. Create modern looking waves on these cuts by smoothing a styling product through damp hair and tucking it around the ears, or gently pushing in loose finger waves and allowing the hair to dry naturally or with gradual diffusion.


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