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Last updated: June 17, 2019

4 Tips Every Salon Manager Should Read

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Managing a salon is no walk in the park—that’s why we pulled some tips EVERY manager can benefit from. Check ‘em out.


1. Build Morale and Sales

Being a successful manager happens when you take the time to develop your stylists. Set time to meet with every stylist once a week to check in and go over their performance. Know their goals and create an open environment so they feel comfortable coming to you. You can build your team morale and sales if you spend time growing your stylists individually. Some questions to ask in your one-on-ones:


  • How are things going in the salon?
  • Are there any training/education classes you’re interested in attending?
  • How do you feel about the way you’re being managed?

2. When Seniority Comes Into Play

Sometimes a very senior stylist has trouble adjusting to a newer, younger manager, and as a manager, that is a hard position to be in. What do you do? Try focusing on your younger stylists right off the bat, get their sales up and teach them to be super successful behind the chair. When an older stylist notices a younger stylist totally kicking butt, she might reconsider her feelings toward you as a manager.

3. Praise Publicly, Coach Privately
For healthy outcomes in the salon, Global Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems Systems’ Robert Cromeans believes in praising your stylists publicly and coaching them privately. Acknowledging a job well done is a simple way to ignite passion and motivation for any stylist working behind the chair.

4. Instant Gratification

Giving a simple high five or nod of recognition for a stylist’s amazing cut or great sell can go a long way in the salon. That instant gratification can be a huge motivator in keeping your stylists upbeat, which can dramatically increase their sales and play into their client retention rates.


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