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Last updated: January 15, 2021

4 Styling + Barbering Tricks To Use On Any Client

Create A Tapered Pompadour & Ringed Ponytail For Your Clients

There’s nothing we love more than an education co-lab and this tutorial from Visionary Team Members Antonio Estrada (@antestradahair) and Josh Perez (@joshperezhair) from SexyHair is swoon-worthy. Watch the video above to check out Josh’s barbering technique for a tapered pompadour and Antonio’s tips and tricks for an accessorized ponytail. Plus, keep scrolling for more tips and check out the finished looks!


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Choosing The Right Guard

When taking length off the client’s head using clippers, choosing a guard size depends on the hair’s density. If a client has finer hair and they’re asking for a Level 2 guard, Josh recommends jumping up two guard sizes to stay on the safe side and avoid taking off too much hair.  When dealing with thicker hair it’s OK to drop a guard down, because the client has more density.


Creating A Pompadour

The key to getting height and density with a pompadour is with the right products. Once the haircut is finished, Josh applies a little SexyHair artistrypro Hand Crafted to the hair for shine and control before blowdrying. Once dry, SexyHair artistrypro Refined is applied to the roots only to for height and density and the look is smoothed back with SexyHair artistrypro Sculpted for extra shine to finish.

Products Used


Check Out Antonio’s Before & After!

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Ringed Ponytail

A lot can be done with the right accessories, and what Antonio can do with a a few small rings is simply mesmerizing. Here’s how to get the look!


  • Section off hair in the front into three small parts. Pull the rest of the hair back into a sleek ponytail.


  • Apply artistrypro Sculpted to a section to wet the hair for more control when styling. If the hair feels too dry, use more as needed.


  • Feed a ring through the section, then take another ring and feed it over the first ring and under the hair.


  • Use a crotchet needle to pull the hair through both rings where they overlap, then again through the latter ring.


  • Continue this step until you reach the end of the section. Then move on the complete the rest.


  • Once finished, pull the hair back into ponytail using an elastic.


  • Apply SexyHair artistrypro Avant-Guard and curl the hair in alternate directions using a flat iron.


Control Flyaways & Baby Hairs

Looking for a great alternative to using hairspray when smoothing out flyaways? Antonio recommends placing artistrypro Refined on the back of the hand. Rub it in a bit to avoid using too much. and run a small baby hair brush through the product. Take the brush and individually smooth out any any hairs that are out of place. 

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